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Farewell and keep travelling!

There are few things I look forward to more each week than sitting down with a cup of tea to write to you dear reader. We’ve been chatting for quite a few years now and the joy has not abated. In fact as more and more of you read my weekly words the better it has become. With more of you tuning in I’ve received more letters, more emails and more lovely messages than I ever dreamed of.

Since the first day I wrote to you an awful lot has happened and poor you have had to listen through my endless excitement about a hundred different things. Great nights out, extraordinary events, lots of Christmases, birthdays and New Years, and plenty of weird and wonderful situations. You were with me on my first date with a new chap, there the day he asked me to be his wife, and alongside us when we went on a wonderful honeymoon. All three of those things happened in glorious places, each another example of how much the world has for us if we’re willing to take a good look around.

Throughout it all I’m most pleased that I’ve been given the chance to talk about my favourite thing – travel. Together you and I have toured the world and I’ve learned about all sorts of places I’d never heard of. Tasted foods I’d never tasted, uncovered sights I’d never seen. And I’ve stayed in hotels so perfect they wrench us out of daily life, away from the march of time, deadlines and stress, and plonk us in a new more peaceful version of ourselves for a few days. The best of us and the best of life shows itself when we’re relaxed, with the ones we love, and surrounded by somewhere new and exciting. Whether you’re chilling on a beach, trekking up a mountain, cycling across a valley, shopping in a new city, or driving through animal-rich savannas.

What has become abundantly clear is that even if we spent every minute or every day travelling to wonderful places and staying in beautiful little hotels there wouldn’t be enough time in a lifetime to see everything we’d like to. So when you consider most of us only get a few weeks holiday a year the choices we make for our down time are among the most important we’ll ever make.

I hope I’ve helped you make a few good decisions and that you’ve enjoyed the hotels I’ve raved about! And I hope the lovely collection Small Luxury Hotels of the World has created continues to inspire you as I bid you a fond farewell.

Sadly this will be my last blog post but for a very good reason… That chap you met on my first date a few years ago is going to be a daddy, and I a mother. So my focus will be on the little one when he or she arrives and making sure I show him or her as much of the world as I can.

Take good care of yourselves and whatever you do make sure you keep travelling!

Melissa. x

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