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Why holidays are better together

All Together Now. Let’s Stay Together. Together again. We All Stand Together. Come Together.

Have you spotted the theme? I’d imagine so. Today we’re talking together. What is it about being together that has inspired everyone from Michael Jackson to Prince to Jason Donovan to Diana Ross to The Beatles to write songs about it?

Most of the time a song about togetherness is a happy song about nice things we all enjoy like love and friendship. Unless the protagonist/singer is no longer together with whoever it is they like being together with. Then it tends to be a sad song. A very sad song indeed. It’s rare to hear a song about being together that complains about the situation and the other people, or a song that rejoices in being alone.

I can relate to all these singers because I like to be together too. Doesn’t really matter who to be honest. I love being together with Henry, with friends, with family, with like-minded folk, with polite strangers on occasion even. Of course it’s impossible to always be together. We can’t go through life as a large family/friends gang demanding to eat/sleep/work in the same place. But what we can do is holiday together – because there are no rules on holiday. We are free to be with the people we want to be with. I don’t know about you but every single one of the best memories I have from holidays over the years have people in them. Often those people are laughing at me for doing something silly but that’s by the by and most of the time they are quite right to laugh at me!

The only regrets I’ve ever felt while away has been while sitting in a pool, on a beach, in a hot tub, atop a mountain, and not having someone I love next to me enjoying it too. Yes, I do love a little solo trip now and then but as a rule I’d rather sit in a muddy puddle with friends than on the most beautiful beach in the world on my own.

What I like to do is to look at beautiful photos and read about incredible places and then picture myself there. Usually I can work out pretty quickly if it’s going to be an ideal spot for Henry and I to enjoy a romantic break. Or if it’s a destination ripe for a giggle with my girlfriends. Or if it’s a spot that my whole family could enjoy from my toddler niece all the way up to my lovely grandparents.

Once I have worked out who would like it I set about making it happen. Hard because everyone’s schedules are so different and frantic. But it’s more than worth the effort when you find yourself strolling on a beach with your husband, sitting at a massive table in the sun eating lunch with your family, or drinking wine on a boat with your friends.


There’s so much we can do together and the lovely folk at SLH have come up with a few ideas for you. Enjoy perusing these and let me know if you decide to go on a ‘together’ break!

Melissa. x

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