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Why am I humming Christmas songs?!

Am I the only one who has suddenly started humming Christmas songs? Walking back from the station, thinking about nothing in particular, I could hear the sound of Let It Snow coming from somewhere. A quick assessment and I realised that the somewhere in question was my mouth. Had I heard someone else humming it? Had it been blasting out of passing car or a stranger’s headphones? I don’t think so. I think it was just me with no prodding from outside influences. Somehow Christmas has managed to quietly and surreptitiously enter my psyche, get settled in, and then start pressing the Christmas song buttons in my head. Not that they would be hard buttons to find… I do enjoy a Christmas tune. That’s not the point though. The point is that something akin to the most cunning guerilla marketing campaign ever has turned me into a walking, talking, humming Christmas billboard. Maybe it’s a long range body clock thing? Perhaps my body knows it has been a while since Christmas and therefore probably about the right time to begin the annual festive shenanigans. Soon the urges to buy presents, buy a tree, and talk endlessly about Christmas day with my mother will kick in.

What I tend to forget every year is that Christmas does eventually end. It doesn’t feel like it come mid December because the whole process takes about two months to reach climax by which time you’ve forgotten there’s such a thing as not Christmas. But it will end. I will feel fat, I will feel like I never want to watch television again, and I will feel like running away to foreign lands and meals with no Turkey or sausages in them.

Rather than wait till that moment arrives – a moment when it’s actually far too late to do anything about the holiday urge – I’m grabbing the Christmas bull by the Christmas horns and booking something. On December 27 I’ll be out of here and heading to a hotel that is ready to meet all my non festive needs. Part of me thinks we should all skip town before Christmas and spend the big day on the beach but my mother is unable to comprehend the idea so indoctrinated is she into traditions. Maybe your family is less inclined to do the same thing every year until the end of time in which case I might join your family and have a swim in the sea before opening my presents. How lovely would that be!

So the only question I have now is where to go. My not particularly thorough thought process has concluded to head for the winter sun. But will it be Caribbean, Cyprus, Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka… oh I can’t decide. I would toss a coin but they are only two-sided which doesn’t much help. Perhaps you could help? Tell me where you would go for a little Christmas/winter sun… PLEASE!

Beach 6



I look forward to hearing your ideas and I’ll see you next week!

Melissa x

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