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Take a luxurious walk on the wild side

There’s a reason one of the most popular things to do on the internet is look at pictures and videos of cute animals. Animals are AMAZING.

I could look at them all day. However, cute dogs and cats tend to dominate the World Wide Web – the really impressive animals are not so well represented. Therefore, if you want to see them it’s far better to jump on a plane and go find them rather than stare at your phone. To my mind there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as the adventure of exploring the world’s most incredible landscapes in search of the bountiful natural beauty we have here on Earth.

Those landscapes alone are worth the journey but add on the wildebeest migration, a pride of lions snoozing under a tree, or a coral reef teeming with life and suddenly your holiday has become something magical. Of course before you do any of this you’re going to want to find a place to stay worthy of the occasion.

Africa sometimes steals all the holiday headlines when it comes to animals but while it has an incredible array it is far from having a monopoly on creeping things. Borneo is the most naturally diverse island on the planet, Australia has it’s own unique collection of extraordinary animals and landscapes, the Galapagos Islands have been made famous by their natural abundance… I could go on. Of course the places that have the most to offer animal lovers tend to be quite remote and unpopulated. Else the animals probably wouldn’t be there. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that means this type of holiday requires accepting a little discomfort. Luxury has made its way to every corner of the globe and SLH has sought out the best around. So after your balloon safari or scuba dive you can have spa treatments, eat delicious food and sleep in a seriously comfy bed. All this and without losing the sense of where you are. Quite a trick, but all of these camps, lodges and resorts pull it off with aplomb.

There are too many wonderful ones for me to tell you about so I’ve just grabbed a little selection to whet your appetite. If you’ve not been on safari or wildlife holiday before then take a very close look and start thinking about it! If you have been before you don’t need me to tell you that this holiday is like no other.

Larsens Camp, Samburu District, Kenya

You might think you know what a tent looks like and what staying in one feels like. But if you’re imagining a bad night’s sleep, a cramped sleeping bag, and a tiny gas stove to heat some beans on then stop right now and have a look at these tents. Luxurious doesn’t quite seem a strong enough word. Facing east to ensure morning sunshine on your private terrace, days start with a champagne full English breakfast and a swim.


Pikaia Lodge, Galapagos Islands, Equador

Being perched alongside a volcano may not sound like a bright idea but fear not, this volcano is lava free. Most people stay on boats as they explore these islands but for true comfort this eco-lodge gets my vote. A pool, a restaurant, a spa, and a giant tortoise reserve are all the reasons I need to get me booked in. Add to that a private yacht to head out into the ocean to explore and you have a perfect combination.


Gaya Island Resort, Borneo, Malaysia

I’ve always said the best way to arrive at wherever you’re staying is by boat. So this luxury island resort immediately grabbed my attention – the only way to get there is by sea. Yippee! When you’ve reached your secluded island you’ll find tropical rainforest, mangroves, and coral reefs. Nature literally surrounds this resort so wherever you turn extraordinary animals, flora and fauna are abundant.


I’m hoping this little taster has got you excited about travelling the world in search of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts. If you have any favourite animal experiences from your travels I would love to hear about them. So get in touch!

Melissa x

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