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Use them or lose them!

I read something this week that I’m having a hard time believing.

Apparently some companies are giving their employees unlimited holidays. Unlimited!! Extraordinary isn’t it?

What would I do if I could take as many holidays as I liked? Probably get fired before too long for not turning up!

The idea is that the employees can be trusted to do their work and only take holiday when they can. Supposedly the amount of holiday taken has actually decreased a little. Which suggests these particular employees do not share my, and your, love of travel.

While daydreaming about the possibilities of taking so much time off I suddenly remembered that I have no idea how many holiday days I have left to take this year.

A quick calculation revealed I have 10 left to take. 10! And it’s already mid October. Never mind unlimited holiday I’m failing to take the days I’m allowed! Work can get in the way and many of us enter the last quarter of the year with far too many days left. I am very busy for the next couple of months but I decided to get my priorities straight. What is the point in working hard if we don’t spend some of that money and treat ourselves to the ultimate reward life offers- a holiday!

It’s not only me who has noticed this- the wonderful people at SLH have realised that so many people do not take their full allowance so they have come up with a genius idea to ensure you take that much-earned holiday. For anyone who books a stay for this year from now until the end of November will have the chance to win all their holidays for next year- that’s a whopping 20 nights free!


So I’ve booked every day off and I urge you to do that same. You’ve earned it!

Don’t waste a moment, go now and find out what you have left and get it booked in before it’s too late.

The question now is what to do? Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while know that I’ll definitely be going away somewhere. But where, is the hard part.

So once I’ve finished writing this I’ll be sifting through Small Luxury Hotels of the World’s hotels (could take a while as there are over 500 of them) in 80 countries to find the perfect spot to spend my last holiday days of the year in.

I hope you’ll take my advice and do the same. Quick, go now! Time is ticking!

See you next week

Melissa. x

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