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My five favourite travel blogs

Today I’ve been thinking about how very lucky we all are to be living at a time when the internet exists. It hadn’t really taken hold yet when I was at university, but now it’s a vital part of everyday life. For me personally, I love it because it allows me to write this blog and share my thoughts, loves, hopes and dreams with all of you lovely people. But I’m not the only one doing this. Some incredible writers have some wonderful blogs and I read lots of them for inspiration alongside the more traditional publishers. It’s such a treat to have access to so much talent and so much travel knowledge. While I hope this blog is one of your favourite blog reads, I also encourage everyone to read a variety of different blogs. There are too many to list here that are worth a look so I have had to choose a few of my favourite. Have a look… I think you’ll enjoy!

Travel with Bender (

One day in 2012 Erin Bender decided to leave behind a traditional life in Perth, Australia and set off travelling with her husband and two young children. An extraordinary move that many of us have probably dreamed about but never quite been brave enough to try! No plans, no rules and no limits. They’ve already explored more than 5 countries and stayed in all sorts of places doing all sorts of fascinating things.


Just One Way Ticket (

Sabrina is a bit of a pro when it comes to incredible photographs and videos. I love to read a good bit of text but if there are some incredible images and beautifully shot videos alongside the travel excitement within me burns even brighter. She is an inspiration to many travellers who set off on their journeys based on what she covers. And I’m not surprised!


Wanderlusters (

This one is perfect for the adventurers among you. For those who can’t sit still on a beach too long but need to be out exploring lesser known places, trying out active and adrenaline fuelled pursuits. The founder Charli Moore is a real adrenaline seeker so you can share some of the incredible things she gets up to while also enjoying her take on various other unique experiences found on her way around the world.


Don’t Forget To Move (

I was drawn to this blog by the brilliant name. Many of us do forget to move as we get bogged down in day to day life. But as soon as you start reading this blog the hunger to get going will erupt. The focus is on independent travellers who don’t like to skim across the surface of a destination like traditional backpackers but spend more time on authentic experiences within the local cultures. If you’re a fan of volunteering and sustainable tourism this one is a must for you!


Luxe Tiffany (

As a lover of all things luxurious I had to include this famous blog from Tiffany Dowd. She is a serious expert on all things high end so if you want to know about the latest openings, trends and cool places to stay Tiffany knows all about it. If you prefer your travel to be five star and stunning this is a good place to go get inspired.


Once you’ve had a look at those remember to come back and see me! When it comes to beautiful boutique hotels in amazing places I know what’s going on!

See you next week.

Melissa. x


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