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Four seasons please – with a side of sunshine

The weather has gone mad. Here in the UK it has at least. Last week we had the hottest September day on record at 34 degrees Celsius. This week, not so much. It’s grey, drizzle has taken over the sky, and it’s a little chilly. Thank goodness for that.

Call me old-fashioned but I prefer seasons to stick to their, erm, seasons. Snow in summer, leaves falling off the trees in Spring, scorching sunshine in Autumn… no no no. Stick to the programme please Mr Weather. As we speak I can see a tree giving serious thought to shedding its leaves. This means that shortly I will be able to kick and dance through piles of leaves and feel very autumnal indeed. Order will be restored. Autumn is when television gets better, when great films get released in the cinema, when we all see how long we can wait before turning the central heating back on, and when Sunday roasts in cosy pubs are firmly back on the agenda.

For a couple of weeks this is all well and good and I love it. But around late September as I see winter approaching, months and months of cold weather filling the horizon, I zoom out a bit during weather reports to see a little more of the globe. The UK is going to be cold and wet – that’s a given. But zoom out and take the whole of the planet in and suddenly there are little suns to be seen all over the place. On particularly cold and windy days, usually just after my umbrella has turned itself inside out and I’m drenched, I click on those suns and zoom back in again to see where they are. And then I get on a plane and go at several hundred miles an hour. I fly in search of vitamin D to fill myself up big time so that I’m ready to take on the cold dark winter.

Of course in late September/early October there are plenty of nearby places that still have great weather. Morocco, Greece, Spain, Turkey… head south a bit and you’ll find that warm glow. But as time goes by, Europe and then North Africa slowly cool and then for me there are two top choices for true winter sun – The Caribbean and The Indian Ocean. Both have pretty amazing weather all year round so are vitamin D topping paradises. They also both have a whole load of beautiful little boutique luxury hotels to stay in. Yippee. It’s impossible to pick a favourite – I’ve tried and I can’t I’m afraid –  but if you click here you’ll find some heavenly Indian Ocean hotels and here you’ll see the best of the charismatic Caribbean places to stay.


Serene Pavilions, Sri Lanka


The Sandpiper, Barbados


French Coco, Martinique

You may not be in the mood yet, like me you might be loving the red leaves, conkers, and winter coats. But trust me. In a week or two you’ll be back!

See you next week.

Melissa. x

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