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Beach, pool, spa… St Barths

I was reading about a new hotel today and suddenly found myself sinking into my chair in a very relaxed and happy state.

This is odd, I thought. Why am I feeling so very chilled all of a sudden?

I looked back at the screen and suddenly it was clear. Three words: beach, pool, spa.

Beach – oh yes please. Pool – mmmm heaven. Spa – now you’re really spoiling me. While I’m all for some holidays that involve lots of sightseeing, adventure, and discovery, I am just as all for holidays during which these three magic words cover my entire itinerary. The hotel I was reading about was Le Barthelemy Hotel in the oh so glorious St Barths in the Caribbean and it looks like one of the best places ever to do almost nothing.

Just listen to a bit of what I was reading about the place and you’ll starting doing whatever I’ve been doing in my chair. The travel equivalent of salivating essentially!

“Exclusive spa and oceanfront infinity pool.”
“Suites feature private gardens, terraces and pools.”

How are you feeling? Yes I thought so. We all want to go now don’t we.

To make things even better this place is set beside a lagoon. Oh how I love lagoons. As you’ll see from the photos the hotel has decided to try to capture the mood of the island it sits upon in the décor with light and airy interiors. Which is another clever move as nobody likes staying in a room or drinking in a bar or eating in a restaurant that could be anywhere in the world. We want to feel like we’re somewhere, not anywhere.

My reading led me to discover that the recommended ways to spend ones time here include having a swim, drinking a cocktail at Le Turquoise beach bar, popping to the spa, or getting your hair styled. After all this strenuous activity reward yourself with some French food at Aux Amis restaurant. I think these all sound like wonderful ideas.

Of course you might head to Le Barthelemy and decide not to be quite as lazy as me. St Barths is a great island if you’re the type to look further than your eye line for things to do. Gustavia is rammed with chic art galleries, shops and bars. There are yachts galore if you fancy touring the island, fishing boats if that’s your bag, and an incredible coral reef circles the island if you like swimming while breathing through a tube.

le-barthelemy-1 le-barthelemy-2 le-barthelemy

Sounds glorious doesn’t it? I’m going to have to go to bed now and no doubt dream about my toes in that Caribbean sand. If you decide to go to this hotel let me know, I’d love to hear if it’s as amazing as it sounds!

See you next week.

Melissa. x

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