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Could summer holidays be the greatest of them all?

I don’t have children yet so you might think that school summer holidays mean very little in my life. But there’s something about July and August that puts everyone in the travel mind set. Those endless long weeks as a youngster when the next school year seemed a thousand years away provide lifelong nostalgic smiles. The memories made at those times are the ones that really stick with you – they have certainly stuck with me.

So for me a summer holiday is an absolute must and I love to surround myself in the joyous (and youthful!) energy of my nephews and nieces. No matter how excited I get about something, I simply don’t have the same capacity for wonder and amazement as an eight year old. So to watch them try snorkelling or sailing for the first time, tasting new foods, making new friends, and so on, is as joyous to behold as a puppy at Christmas time.

I’m told by those in-the-know that when it comes to family holidays with children the most important thing is that the little ones enjoy themselves. If they are bored, you’re in trouble! If they’re not then adult fun flows like wine (and the wine flows too!) So the advice is to head to a hotel that understands children in a location that is likely to entertain them. Personally, all I needed was a beach, a mask and a snorkel, but I suppose I wouldn’t have complained if there were a tennis court or a beautiful pool. I’m sure my parents would have loved an all-inclusive hotel so that I could order (and fail to finish) endless drinks and ice-creams. We also went on a safari once which has to be one of the most extraordinary experiences a child can have. The first time anyone sees a giraffe or a lion in the wild is life-changing. For me, as a seven year old, it provided a level of excitement that rendered me speechless with tears of joy pouring down my cheeks.  I also don’t think parents need fear a cultural holiday just because they have the little ones with them. My nephews and nieces seem to find exploring a city and stopping in café-lined squares to watch the world go by just as much fun as I do. Granted the sorbet bill tends to be substantial but I’ve been surprised by their interest in everything from history to architecture to local customs. I was certainly guilty of underestimating them!

This summer we’ve decided, after much discussion, to head for the beach for a family holiday. It was hard to choose one hotel as there are so many great family ones so we put our shortlist into a hat and pulled out the winner. Which is… drumroll please…

Cape Sounio Exclusive Resort in Sounio, Greece. We’re all very pleased with fate’s decision. I love that it has view of the Temple of Poseidon. My sister likes that there are villas with private pools at the hotel. Henry is already investigating the yacht that’s available to hire and the children have spotted that there are not one but two beaches.

cape sounio

cape sounio 1

cape sounio 2

A spa, a good choice of restaurants, a national park, golf courses nearby… this is family fun fabulous. Of course there are loads of others to choose from so have a look here for ideas.

Where are you headed on your summer holiday? I’d love to know!

Melissa. x

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