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Football fever and festivities

If you live on planet Earth you’re probably aware that it has been an interesting time in the UK over the past couple of weeks to say the least! I attempted to ease the seriousness and enjoy some English pride by joining my husband Henry on the sofa to watch us play football against Iceland at the Euros. The result was not ideal! England lost a match they really shouldn’t have and every football fan – and a fair few who don’t usually care – groaned as we failed again at a major football tournament. Luckily I don’t care as much as Henry (he spent the rest of the evening muttering to himself and storming around) so was able to turn my attentions elsewhere almost immediately. England never wins this tournament so we tend to be grumpy. But there are countries that must be great to hang out in when the Euros come around. A country that wins is a country full of happy people. So I did a little research to find out the best bets for a post-Euros holiday if you want to hang out with happy people.

Spain – Having won the last two Euros their tally is three – the joint top winners. Since we are on the topic of football the decision of where to stay to enjoy the parties must come down to two places. Madrid or Barcelona. I put both cities in a hat and out came Madrid. There are lots of nice places to stay here, but I really like the idea of staying on the Golden Mile in the Salamanca district. I feel this would be a good place to hang out when a party is happening. Hotel Unico Madrid is the spot for me I think. It’s a lavish 19th Century palace that has been transformed into a luxury boutique hotel. The courtyard garden is beyond beautiful and I’m assuming the food will be spectacular as there’s a two Michelin star restaurant there – Ramon Freixa.

Unico Madrid

Hotel Unico Madrid

Germany – Also on three wins is the ice cool German football team. Whenever penalties arise the Germans are not fazed in the slightest and tend to come out on top… Henry told me. He also told me that Munich is home to the country’s most successful team Bayern Munich so it makes sense to stay near there since football is today’s theme! I suspect I’ll be keen to join the party but then want some peace and quiet so have gone for Alpenhof Murnau in the stunning looking town of Murnau in Upper Bavaria. Views of a nature reserve and the Bavarian Alps, sculptures dotted throughout the beautiful gardens and more than 900 fine wines in the cellar… sounds like a great place to recover from dancing around with German fans all night!


Alpenhof Murnau Hotel

France – Just behind Spain and Germany with two victories is the host of this most recent tournament. Having explored France a fair amount thanks to it being so close by I wanted to find a spot I haven’t been to as a potential party zone. Since the country is famed for its Chateaus I decided to find one and boy did I find one! Chateau des Vigiers in Bergerac looks exactly like the French castle of your dreams. You get to stay in a 16th Century building, you’re in the heart of the Bordeaux wine district, there’s a Michelin star restaurant AND there’s a 27 hole golf course so Henry will be totally on board!


Château des Vigiers

Of course we may have an entirely new winner this year and at the time of writing this Iceland, Wales, Belgium and Portugal – all of whom haven’t won before – are still in the competition.

Luckily Small Luxury Hotels of the World has hotels in all of them.

See you next week.

Melissa. x

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  1. The Local places are gorgeous and so fresh to see,Such a relaxing time you had by playing games,drinking and eating.


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