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The Power of Photos

It can be difficult to research things to see and do in any given place. A lot of what’s written online about a hotel or destination is just one person’s opinion. The trouble is  I don’t know who the person is most of the time. They could be really keen on rain and mushrooms (two things I really don’t like) so might say a hotel is great because it rained lots and the mushrooms were delicious.

So, while I do love to read about travel, I tend to look at photos that little bit more. Naturally that leads me to Instagram, my favourite social media site, where beautiful and talented people like to show off.

But who am I supposed to follow? There are so many brilliant and funny people on there! To help you find some Instagram inspiration, here are a few of my favourites for you to enjoy!


The beauty of this one is that it has two of my favourite things combined – travel and dogs! Theron Humphrey and his dog Maddies road trip around America together. So sweet!



I have always loved my solo trips and wish I’d done more of it. And Marta’s photos from around Europe inspire me to jump on a plane and go off on more solo adventures.

Capture 2


I sometimes wish I was a bit more adventurous when it comes to outdoor pursuits. Too often I prioritise great beaches and delicious restaurants. This chap really inspires me to enjoy some adventure travel.

Capture 3


The beauty of this account is that a whole community of travellers and photographers feed into it. So the variety and scope of what you’ll see is vast.

Capture 4


Last but not least is Small Luxury Hotels, which is my go-to account for hotel and destination inspiration. Their photos take me far away to an exotic beach or a mountainous terrain for a few minutes each day.


If you’re a keen Instagrammer or have accounts you really like I’d love to hear about them. Share below please!

See you next week.

Melissa x

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