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Here comes the bride… the wet bride probably!

So I’m getting ridiculously excited now… it’s a matter of days before Henry and I finally get married!

You’re all probably relieved to hear that it’s finally happening so that I’ll stop going on and on. I apologise if I’ve talked too much about it over the last few months. I do have a tendency to repeat myself when it comes to this wedding.

Anyway, friends and family have been getting in touch more and more as we get closer to the day! They’re sending their love and asking if they can help and all sorts of other lovely things, which is so sweet. But the rather unhelpful message I’m getting sent the most is “have you checked the long term weather forecasts?!”

No, no I hadn’t! But now you have placed the thought into my head and I can think of very little else. Thanks very much! By the way, as I type rain is hurtling out of the sky, the windows are taking a hammering and I’ve seen at least one person go past with an inside out umbrella destroyed by the wind… so perhaps I shouldn’t have gone with the UK wedding after all.

Sometimes I get through 10 minutes without checking if the weather predictions have changed – they very rarely do – but a few minutes ago I finally cracked completely and decided enough was enough. I had to stop looking and just see what happens.

While I can control lots of things, the weather is still beyond me. So why worry? My cunning plan was to change the recently installed desktop weather tab from the changeable UK forecasts to the endless sunshine of Mykonos and Santorini. The results are far better! Smiling sun after smiling sun after smiling sun. And let’s face it – the honeymoon lasts a lot longer than the wedding, so the weather is key!

I’m now assuming it’s going to rain cats and dogs on the big day safe in the knowledge that lovely Greece is almost certainly going to provide Henry and I with all the vitamin D we could ever dream of.

Whether you’re getting married or not in the next couple of weeks I’d imagine the rain is probably starting to get a little dull. At least if you’re in the UK like me. My advice is to run away. Leave the unreliable weather behind and go somewhere with cafes by the sea, terraces with views, and hotel rooms with big bellowing French windows. Pack some linen, some bikinis and a lovely big hat and run.

I’m going to pack for the honeymoon (again) now and probably order more wafty clothes perfect for beaches and warm gentle breezes.

I’ll see you next week when I’ll be writing to you as a married woman!

Melissa. x

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