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What would you do if you were free to do anything?

I faced a challenging question today. One of my friends asked me what I would do if I won the lottery, but the usual lottery fantasies such as buying a house or car were banned. I had to spend the money on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Something that I wouldn’t normally even consider possible.

Unfortunately I am greedy. There are so many incredible things that I would love to check off my bucket list: taking a helicopter tour over New York city; reclining in a private boat as it cruises down Paris’ River Seine; even something as crazy as bungee jumping in Queenstown!

When I told my friend that I was having a hard time choosing just one thing, they laughed and told me to make up my mind quickly or the hypothetical money would disappear!

Because I am a lovely person and always think of others above myself (sometimes) I started thinking about what Henry, my fiancé, might like the most. If I’m going to do something incredible I want to surprise him with it and ensure that he is just as excited.

So I finally decided I want to play heli-golf in New Zealand. Yes it’s a thing and yes you can do it in Queenstown, while staying at the stunning Blanket Bay Hotel. And although it is far less terrifying than bungee jumping, it lasts a bit longer.

Hi_HUZQNBB_26170440_Blanket Bay in August56

Blanket Bay Hotel

Apparently they pick you up and take you to the top of a mountain (one of the mountains from Lord of the Rings apparently) and then they present you with some golf balls (biodegradable ones) and a driver. If there’s a cooler thing to do for your other half than let them smash golf balls off a mountain while stood next to the helicopter that brought you there I don’t know what it is. I hear you can actually aim at a green on another mountain and attempt a hole in one.

blanket bay helipad

Blanket Bay Hotel

Any idea what you would pick if you could choose one awesome thing to experience? If you do have an idea then the marvellous thing is that you might just get to do it.

Because SLH wants us all to Be Free, this month you have the chance to win a free adventure. The hashtag is #mayihave. All you need to do is put what you’d like on the end. So get thinking fast because when May is over only the most imaginative and exciting tweeters will win.

To find out more about the competition have a look here – then get your thinking cap on sharpish!

Sadly I haven’t won the lottery, and I don’t get to enter the competition. So for me my excitement levels will have to remain low…my helicopter golf dream will remain on the shelf for a little while longer.

But you could be living your dream very soon indeed!

See you next week.

Melissa. x

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  1. There are too many things to do in this world to fit into a single lifetime, but if I had the free time or money to at least make a dent in it, I’d certainly try! We spend so much time just trying to make ends meet that having that freedom to do anything would probably be overwhelming at first. But I’m sure I’d quickly get over it and I’d be zooming around the world in no time at all, ha!

    I think you picked a unique activity. It’s definitely something most people wouldn’t even think of doing and it sounds awesome. I’d love to go to New Zealand as well, as I fell in love with it when I watched the LOTR and Hobbit films. I’m very jealous!

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