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I love free stuff

I am a sucker for free stuff. If someone is handing out promotional bananas or yoghurts outside the tube station I will go out of my way to take them. If I spot a voucher in a magazine that gives me a discount on cosmetics I’ll get the scissors out and start cutting. Or if a website offers me a free valuation of my car I believe them and start filling out the forms.

The sad thing is though that on the whole these free things are not as free as I’d like. There seems to be a catch and I suppose that makes sense. Why hand out free things for no reason at all? Who would do this?

I’ll tell you who. A little company you may well have heard of called Small Luxury Hotels of the World. You’re probably thinking I’m biased, that it’s a little too convenient that here I am, a big fan of SLH talking about the catch-free free stuff they are offering. Perhaps Melissa is too close and can’t spot the catch.

So I’ll get straight to the point and let you decide for yourself. Imagine you’ve just booked a three night stay at a lovely little hotel. How wonderful  – the imaginary you is probably in a very good mood. But now imagine the hotel comes back to you and suggests you have another night… for no extra money at all. Tell me about the mood of your imaginary self when this news comes through. Feeling good isn’t he / she.

The catch? Well I can’t spot it.

There are a whopping 71 SLH hotels that have signed up for the free nights thing so pretty much anywhere you might want to go there’s the chance to save yourself enough money to go out to a seriously pleasant restaurant and eat everything on the menu.

Perhaps you’re headed to Thailand? In which case 137 Pillars House in Chiang Mai is a good choice for free night lovers.

137 pillars house












In Italy there’s Albergo Pietrasanta, in Turkey there’s a free night waiting at Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge and in Costa Rica the sensible accommodation booker would go for Azul Ocean Club in Playa Azul. Why sensible? Because they will give you a free night! I thought I’d covered that.


Albergo Pietrasanta, Italy


Ariana Sustainable Luxury Lodge, Turkey


Azul Ocean Club, Costa Rica

If those places aren’t on your to do list there’s also Australia, the UK, Greece, Dominican Republic, the USA, France, China, Guatemala… I’ll stop there I think you get the idea.

I’d love to know where would you choose to have a free night if you could pick any of the 71 hotels offering them. Let me know your thoughts below.

For now I’m going to go choose my free night favourite.

See you next week.


Melissa. x

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