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Turning home into a hotel

I’m a little sad that the Small Luxury Hotels of the World month to Be Well is coming to an end. Does this mean I am not supposed to focus on feeling great all the time any more? Is the month of May destined to be a fried food and no vegetables 31 days with zero sunshine?

Absolutely not. I plan on continuing the good work and making 2016 a Be Well year, and I think you should too. To finish off the month I sought out one more thing I could do to make me feel well. One last addition to the things like spa treatments, healthy food, yoga retreats, laughter therapy and more I’ve learned are possible when travelling with SLH.

This one may surprise you though because it’s not an obvious part of the Be Well philosophy – I’m going shopping. As many of you who work at a desk will know, these days a sore back is part and parcel of life in an office for lots of us. I am a sufferer and apparently it’s because I have the wrong bed, the wrong sofas and bad chairs. Some people would just shrug their shoulders and carry on but not I. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how one looks at it) I know only too well what a top class bed feels like to sleep in and what a delight a really comfortable chair can be.

Staying in and looking at these beautiful little hotels has opened Pandora’s furniture box and I want a piece. I’ve always wanted a piece but now a chiropractor has told me I NEED a great bed and a supportive chair so in my book that’s carte blanche to spend far more than I should on these two items.

The trouble is figuring out which one to choose. The range is astounding and flicking through the hotel galleries for inspiration is not helping. Look at the bed at Hotel du Petit Moulin in Paris for example. How chic and comfortable does that look?! But maybe I prefer the bed at The Ampersand Hotel in London? It’s seriously swish. And I can’t possibly ignore the mega cool sleeping spot at The Mirror in Barcelona can I? Flicking through there were at least 100 beds that would be perfect for me and my back while looking blooming marvellous too.

petit moulin

Hotel du Petit Moulin


The Ampersand Hotel

The Mirror Barcelona

The Mirror Barcelona

As for chairs it’s just as difficult. Check out the very classy and very comfy chair at L Hotel Seminyak Bali. Then there’s the seating selection at J.K. Place Firenze in Florence. These chairs look so tasteful it’s impossible to imagine ever actually owning one of them myself but if it’s doctor’s orders…

seminyak Bali

L Hotel Seminyak Bali

Albergo JK a Firenze 5105

J.K Place Firenze

After all, I love going away for a million reasons but most of the joy of travel can’t be brought home (certainly not the weather when one lives in London). I can however have a bed so lovely that I will be instantly transported back to my holiday every time I pull the duvet over me, and a chair so snug it’ll become my new happy place. And in doing so I’ll be being well. Win win and win again.

What would you bring home from a lovely hotel if you could? I’d love to know.

I’m off to sleep in my entirely unsatisfactory bed now.

See you next week.

Melissa. x

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  1. Really Nice, Thanks for sharing this blog with an innovative and unique idea.

  2. -What would you bring home from a lovely hotel if you could? I’d love to know.

    I always bring home the shampoos! To this day I have so many shampoos from my favourite hotels that use only on special occasions. Crazy? Maybe but some are so good that I can’t find equally good elsewhere! (not even molton brown ones)


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