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Learning to Be Well

I sometimes wonder if there’s a class I wouldn’t go to. Odd really as I paid so little attention during classes at school. But lately I find myself with an insatiable desire to learn pretty much anything. Great timing Melissa, my brain is now roughly half as capable of learning as it was when all I had to do all day was go to classes.

Lately I’ve been to a pottery class, a carpentry course, a knitting lesson and tried to learn how to ride a horse. All were marvellous but for some reason they can’t compete with one type of class that really gets my brain excited – classes on how to be well.

I’ve written on this topic a fair amount lately as my obsession grows. But from what I can tell it’s not just me who is searching for ways to better ones mind and body rather than ones wardrobe.

Don’t get me wrong – I still love some light shopping and go weak at the knees at the sight of a designer handbag. But if I learn something that genuinely helps me be well, I get the buzz of a billion bags.

I’ve compiled a little ‘learn to do’ list for myself and will slowly be ticking them off. Slowly because rather than try to do them all in London, I want to go to the perfect place for each one.

First on the list is to go to Keemala in Phuket, Thailand. The aim is to learn how to meditate, once and for all. People I know who can do it say it’s the best thing ever. So when the chance arises I’ll be heading off to the serene rain forest that the Keemala calls home to get in touch with my inner peace.

keemala meditation

Number two is a little further afield (for me anyway, not so far if you happen to live in Australia!) at Smiths Beach Resort, Margaret River, Australia.

Here, the lesson I plan to take is on how to cook healthy food. Yes, I know that sounds like an easy thing to learn but in my experience a lot of different people have a lot of very different ideas of what is the right food for the right person. At this hotel they really know their stuff, so I plan to take everything in their minds and bring it home. Much to the delight of my fiancé Henry, no doubt…

Smiths Beach Resort Lamonts - Garlic Marron image

The list does go on a bit so I’m going to stop at number three. Do get in touch if you’d like to know the 20 or so more! Three is to learn how to sleep properly. Those of you who sleep really well are probably thinking it’s simply a case of getting into bed, placing your head on the pillow and waiting 10 seconds. Lucky old you if that is the case. I, sadly, suffer from whirring brain syndrome that essentially means that at this most inconvenient moment everything I haven’t done that day or need to do tomorrow streams into my head at 100 miles an hour. I’m hoping the clever folk at The Fortress, Galle in Sri Lanka can help me out and teach me how their ancient holistic therapies, that use the principles of aromatherapy and Ayurveda, can get me unconscious in double quick time!

If you have any classes or skills you’ve loved learning about or want to learn let me know so I can add them to my list!

Melissa.   x

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