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Laughter, grapes and art – all in the pursuit of wellness

Is there anything better than feeling well? I don’t just mean feeling ‘ok’ or ‘not bad’ or ‘fine’. I mean feeling super duper, fighting fit and ready to take on anything that comes your way. Whenever I feel 100% there’s nothing that I won’t try. Want me to run up a hill? No problem. Stand up in front of a large crowd and tell jokes? Sure thing. Dance in the street for no apparent reason? Sign me up!

It’s the most obvious thing in the world to say, and a gigantic cliché really, but so many of us forget that a healthy body does indeed equal a healthy mind. And a healthy mind is a happy mind. And a happy mind is heavenly. We forget because we’re all so busy working!

The big question is: how? How do we achieve this nirvana state of happiness? Until today I would have said a bit of exercise and some healthy food. And of course a holiday or seven.

Thalatta Seaside Hotel in Evia, Greece knows the score. If you go there you can sail out on a private boat and do a bit of yoga in the Aegean or perhaps pop in to the forest for some pilates. Not only this but they strap a bio-metric watch to you and the hotel’s wellness concierge offers analytics and health advice at the end of every day. How pleasant and yet healthy does that sound!


Yoga on a boat sounds dreamy. As does Lake Garda’s Lefay Resort and Spa’s idea to tailor-make herbal tea for guests. Tailor-made tea just for your body’s specific needs. That’s bound to make you feel marvellous. The hotel uses more than 40 medicinal plants such as birch and blueberry to create these bespoke beverages. Yum!

Italy; Lago di Garda; Lefay Resort and Spa; Via Feltrinelli 118; 25084 Gargnano.; Royal Spa Suite, private Terrace and Pool

So that’s yoga and tea ticked off. What else? Actually, SLH has many more for you to consider. And you’re going to be amazed!

Laughter therapy on the beach at Heritage Le Telfair, Mauritius, essentially involves laughing on a beach. But did you know there are laughter yoga specialists?! Well, you do now. These experts guide you through some laughter exercises, resulting in everyone laughing uncontrollably! Laughing is fun but also releases endorphins, relieves pain, boosts the circulatory system and relaxes muscles. Who knew a good laugh was so beneficial?

heritage le telfair 1jpg

Grapes don’t spring to mind except when I’m thinking about wine. And wine tends to make me feel good – on a short term basis, at least. But at Park Hotel Mignon & Spa in Merano, Italy, they have something called the Merano Grape Cure which has apparently been a wellness remedy since the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867 to 1918 FYI). It involves eating 300g to 1000g of grapes every day across two meals. Yummy, I love grapes! This cleanses organs and improves digestion and urinary functions. Two rather key functions I’m sure you’ll agree. The spa also uses the grapes in body peels with the husks of pressed grapes and a grape seed oil massage.

Park hotel mignon

Art therapy at Vahine Island, French Polynesia involves heading to a coconut grove overlooking a lagoon. I’m in already, even without the next bit! You then create art out of local shells, coconuts and sand while Tahitian music plays in the background. If that doesn’t relax you nothing will!

Vahine Island

Are you amazed? I am. I’m definitely going to head to the beach for some laughing. Not now, obviously, as there is no beach in London. But soon!

My advice to all of you is to remember that wellness is more important than anything that stresses us out on a daily basis. Stressing about work really isn’t as important as feeling great. So what are you waiting for? Get moving!

Melissa. x

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