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My Eureka Moment

It can’t have escaped your attention that I’m getting married this summer. If it has then that means either you’re not a regular reader or you’re very forgetful. Because I’ve mentioned it at least a thousand times since getting engaged in the Caribbean last year! Just be thankful you don’t sit near me at work because that lot have really borne the brunt of my endless wedding chat.

The event itself is all sorted, but don’t worry – I won’t bore you with the details. I have just one thing left to decide: how to thank everyone who has helped put it together. Some people like to get everyone some flowers. It’s a lovely idea, but flowers don’t last forever. What does last forever, you ask? Nothing lasts quite like the memories from an unforgettable holiday.

Henry and I have a lot of people to thank and two big families so this may be my greatest ever challenge. How can I give everyone a holiday that will tick their own holiday boxes? Something that parents can enjoy, that children from toddlers up to teenagers will love, that grandparents will find entertaining.

It sounds difficult because it is hard to figure out what to do until you have that “EUREKA!” moment. That moment happened when someone at work jokingly suggested renting an island. It was said with sarcasm, but given my long list of requirements, this seemed like the most logical resolution.
I didn’t hear the sarcasm, I just heard a genius. Sure, it may be a stretch to get an entire island just for us as I’m no billionaire. But there are some incredible mini islands in places like the Maldives, French Polynesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and the Caribbean where with whole gang can pretty much take over! Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a glorious sandy hotel surrounded by the bluest of blue waters? Not to mention things like over water villas, serene spas and cocktails galore.

So I owe a big thank you to my sarcastic work colleague for helping me find a way to thank everyone for putting up with me in the build up to the wedding. Now  for the fun part… it’s time to choose an island! So you must excuse me, I have to peruse the long list of the private island hotels of Small Luxury Hotels of the World. What a tough task!

See you next week.

Melissa x

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  1. It happens to me always, before deciding to where to go “Evreka moments”, nice post, I love finding new places for travel cheers

  2. Oh gosh! These places look lovely. I was at Meerufenfushi for my last trip. And since I’ve decided to go back sooner, I’ll definitely try one these beautiful places! 🙂


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