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Win the most beautiful bicycle in the world!

Last week I wrote about borrowing expertise on local areas from hotels around the world. It makes perfect sense to tap into those in the know and get their tips rather than spend days and weeks trying to find out for yourself.

This week we’re going one step further and searching for top tips from around the world from you. Yes you! You, dear reader, know something that nobody else does. Something that if a friend were going somewhere on holiday where you have been, or visiting a place you used to live you would tell them they absolutely must do.

I don’t know what it is that you know but I want to.

You might be thinking “but why should I tell you my secrets, Melissa? Why should I share a little travel gem that nobody else knows about?”

Well how about a beautiful Brompton Bike? Would that help encourage you to unleash your best travel tips? I’d certainly spill the beans for a Brompton, but I’m not allowed to enter! Boo.

But you can enter! Small Luxury Hotels of the World is spending the month of March focused on a ‘Be Cultural’ theme. All you have to do is go to the Facebook page, find the competition and then post a recommendation that is unlikely to be found in a guide book.

I’ve already been scribbling down the tips that have been put up so far to store for a later date. There are some fascinating ones and it just goes to show that two heads are better than one, and thousands of heads are preferable when it comes to travel.

Perhaps your tip is better than any of those written so far. Maybe you know a restaurant that nobody else is aware of, an undiscovered secret cove, a tiny church with ancient relics, or a secret bar full of delicious cocktails that is hidden from tourists.

If yours is deemed the best #SLHInsiderTip, you’ll be walking away (or should I say pedalling away?) with this beautiful folding bicycle.


Right I’m off to scribble down some more of your tips. And to stare at Brompton Bikes online and dream about having one of my own one day…

See you next week!

Melissa. x

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