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Learning to speak Canadian

I’ve been practicing accents this week. For no particular reason, it’s just something amusing that started at work. As usual, I took it more seriously than anyone else.

So far I’ve cracked South African, Welsh and Australian. Scottish is a work in progress and I’m not too bad at a Kiwi accent. I’m even pretty good at a couple of the US twangs. Deep South and New York are my favourites. Who knew I was so talented?

But there’s one I’m really struggling with – Canadian. I’ve been trying relentlessly, much to the annoyance of my colleagues, but even my best attempts end up sounding like a toddler reading his first book out loud.

There’s only one thing for it- I must go to Canada and immerse myself until I’ve nailed it.

You don’t have to twist my arm to get me to go to Canada. Vancouver is in my top 5 cities and regularly tops the lists of the world’s best places to live. It’s ridiculously friendly, the views from everywhere are remarkably beautiful and it’s by the water. Don’t even get me started on the picturesque mountains!

The city is clean, orderly, sophisticated, outdoorsy, cultured and beautiful. Quite the combo. I plan to mix and match a little. First I want the wind in my hair so I’ll jump on a Zodiac boat tours from Sewell’s Marina. Then, for some lighter wind in my hair, a bike ride around Stanley Park methinks.

stanley park

Stanley Park

Shopping, of course, will follow downtown and perhaps a stroll and a sit down in Gastown famed for its cobbled streets. That will be the perfect place to listen to Canadian’s chatting and start getting to grips with the accent.



I’ll need to spend a lot of time in restaurants for my research as people do tend to speak to each other at the table. Luckily this town is generally considered to be the food capital of Canada. I’ve been given a list of places to eat including Ask for Luigi, Cinara, Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar, and the Fat Badger. Yummy.

ask for luigi

Ask For Luigi

My bed will be in a room designed by award-winning Canadian interior designer Robert Ledingham at Georgian Court Hotel, so it’ll be amazing. It’s in the perfect central spot so everything is in easy reach. There’s also Italian fine dining and a popular bar and lounge that will be another key spot to eavesdrop on Canadian conversation!

georgian court

Georgian Court Hotel

Aside from that there’s also a spa with a whirlpool, a Jacuzzi, a steam room and in-room treatments so my usual vices can be partaken in. It’s also got a floor just for women which I’m particularly excited about as I’ll be with a friend instead of Henry for this delightful trip. Something about having a dedicated lady floor makes me feel more important somehow.

By the time I return I’ll be able to swoop into the office and not only talk about Canada but talk about it in Canadian accent… how very authentic.

I’d love to hear what your favourite accent is… answers below please!

Melissa. x

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  1. amazing list never heard of any of these! def an eye opener


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