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Valentine’s Day success… in the end!

Last Sunday I awoke to the smell of bacon. As my eyes opened the first thing I saw was a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The second thing I saw was my fiancé Henry’s beaming face holding a tray full of delicious breakfast treats. And the first thing I heard was his voice as he declared his undying love for me and warmly wished me, his true love, a very happy Valentine’s Day.

Wouldn’t that have been nice.

Back in the real world I was rudely awakened by a particularly loud snore from a comatose Henry with no flowers or bacon anywhere to be seen. Henry gives Valentine’s Day as much attention as I give the tyre pressure on my car. I really must check those tyres one day on that note.

Anyway the total lack of grand gestures or any gestures at all was no surprise. He won’t even engage in a debate about this official romance day and refuses to go out for a meal with me. To be fair to him he is very good at flowers, presents and gestures on many of the other 364 days of the year but on February 14 it feels like he goes out of his way to be the most unromantic human on the planet.

So I took the lead. Since I was awake anyway I made him breakfast, popped out and bought some flowers and woke him up with a gentle kiss and a feverish HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY as if I were a six year old waking up mum on Christmas morning.

My attempts to get him into Valentine’s Day have failed every year. But where I’ve failed, SLH have succeeded.

As you may have seen on their Facebook page, SLH has created a rather romantic matchmaker quiz that twins you with your perfect hotel match. Henry loves quizzes so couldn’t help but peer over my shoulder when I began and before long he had commandeered the laptop and was playing the game.

In answering the questions he chose to travel with me (rightfully so!) during his favourite season (summer) and his tipple of choice is an authentic coffee. He wanted to lounge on the beach and his bucket list desire was to stay on a private island. Pretty good answers, I’m sure you’ll agree. I was impressed.

So he popped those in and some clever SLH algorithm did its thing and out popped a perfect match for Henry! Very clever.

Pangkor Laut Resort in Malaysia was the winner. Apparently, the algorithm said, ‘there are no other resorts on the island and you can take a once-in-a-lifetime trek through the rainforest with the resident naturalist and get up close and personal to the local wildlife’
And there are sandy beaches. Henry can talk of nothing but this quiz and it looks like I get to go to this hotel because he claims fate demands we go there.

Pangkor laut

A holiday on a beautiful private island? I’ll take that over a bouquet and a bacon butty any day! Thanks SLH!!!

The quiz is up all month so you still have time… I’d love to hear where it thinks you should go. Let me know in the comments section below.

And, of course, a belated happy Valentine’s Day from me!

Melissa. x

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    Adorable. Really great.


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