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Don’t worry, be appy

Last night my friend was an hour late for a drink. That’s pretty late isn’t it. Too late?

Well yes, once upon a time it would have been. But thanks to smart phones, those times are over. I know some people think they are evil and we all spend too much time staring at them, but I certainly don’t get bored of mine. The world is literally at my fingertips.

So I didn’t actually realise she was an hour late until she arrived and told me how late she was. If this had happened 10 years ago I would’ve had to play snake on my phone for an hour, and the time would’ve dragged on as I watched that little snake follow the same path again and again. Ten years before I wouldn’t have even had snake. Or a mobile, for that matter. I would’ve just sat there, probably weeping, staring at a warm beverage and contemplating my sudden loneliness.

I did a bit of light banking, read the news and then got stuck in to the newest app on my phone… the SLH app (if you have an android phone you’ll have to wait till March I’m afraid. Soz!).

For those of you who are my age (let’s call it mid 30s) or older, you’ll remember the pre-internet times when our only option was an oversized brochure with a few grainy photographs. It doesn’t feel that long ago does it? But probably sounds like the Jurassic era to those of you in your 20s and younger.

Anyway I was playing with this new thing amazed by it and amazed by how tech savvy I am these days. I was swooshing through it like a whizz kid coder. Private Island? Two button pushes for Melissa and boom, seven choices. Where’s the nearest SLH hotel to me if I need one of those emergency massages I was talking about last week? One button push for Melissa. I felt like a genius.

Of course I’m not actually a tech genius. I’m the opposite. I can barely work a calculator. But this app is so simple, clean and useful that if you handed them a credit card a three year old could book a holiday in about three and a half minutes.

I’m probably not going to be one of the increasing number of people who book travel through their phone. I can see why they do it but, as I’ve said before, I still love a good travel agent largely because I enjoy the nattering. But in this spare hour gifted to me by my tardy friend I found a wine cellar I want to drink from, a golf course I want to take Henry to, an all-inclusive hotel for my sister’s family, a great last minute ski spot and chalked up three city breaks to add to my to do list. Researching a holiday, which is let’s face it the most fun research there is, has never been so pleasant and so easy.


Villa Mangiacane -Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar at Villa Mangiacane

Take a look if you’re lucky enough to be left sitting somewhere alone waiting for a useless pal sometime soon.

Whoopsie, I’m now late to meet someone else. Let’s hope they’ve downloaded the SLH app or they might be grumpy by the time I get there!

See you next week.

Melissa. x

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