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New Year, but same old me

Twixtmas is an extraordinary time of year. And I’ve just realised it might not even be a real time of year as Microsoft Word has just underlined it in red. I’m sticking with it though I’m afraid Mr Dictionary.

This is the name I, and I believe lots of other people, give the period after Boxing Day but before the New Year. My mind goes through a curious process during these few days. It had been a very happy mind. The build up to Christmas is a time when somehow it’s totally fine to eat, drink and be extraordinarily merry in a fashion you simply wouldn’t allow in another month.
Every year my body is full and my mind in a daze from which it only awakens sometime in this Twixtmas period.

This year, or last year should I say, it happened on December 29. I sat bolt upright out of the comfortable chair by the fire, picked up one last leftover sausage wrapped up in bacon from the plate nearby and then put on some shoes.
The shoes felt odd after a few days of slippers but I pushed through and found myself outside breathing the cold December air in and out as if it were the finest perfume in the world. Then like a toddler taking her first step I placed one foot in front of the other and began a surprisingly long walk.
During this walk, which happens every year, I usually make all sorts of decisions about the changes I’m going to make next year. They almost always involve being thinner, healthier, happier, nicer and more caring.
The thinner and healthier pairing dominate if I’m honest and gym memberships and superfoods suddenly replace crackling and roast potatoes as the subjects of my heart’s desires.
It’s actually a terrible time to join the gym though. The gym people know we are all going to feel like this so the prices rocket, the special offers disappear and we all end up buying packages that will not represent value for money. Largely because however good our intentions are very few of us actually stick at it!

So during my walk this time I decided to wait to make my gym decision till February. Clever aren’t I.
I’m also going to book a wellness retreat. The reason being that I don’t actually know what I need to work on. It could be that I need more cabbage but instead I’m stuffing broccoli. Or that I need to swim but instead I’m running.
That’s where experts come in. They’ll know how I can make myself fitter and healthier in the fastest possible way. Lazy you might say, I say efficient!

My choice for this shortcut to health is the soon to open 7 Secrets Resort and Wellness Retreat in Lombok.

I know I’m going to like it because apparently one is greeted with a head, hands and shoulder massage. If that’s how they say hello imagine what will happen when I actually get into a treatment room!
When I return I’ll be packed with Vitamin D, healthy Michelin Star food and a clear idea of how to feel very well indeed by making some changes at home. All without signing up for a 10 year gym membership for several million pounds!
So while New Year is already here, I’m going to save the new me for a few weeks and do it right.
I hope you, like me, have fully enjoyed Christmas and New Year and are as excited as I am about a wonderful 2016!

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