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I Love Christmas Markets

Right then. I am willing to accept that it is now Christmas time. You may think me a little bah and a little humbug but I’m afraid I will never ever join in with the festive spirit until December 1. I don’t have the capacity to remain this excited for more than about four weeks at a time.

But as the clock strikes December I am literally the most Christmassy person the world has ever seen. The advent calendar is ready, the tree is up, the tinsel and fairy lights abound and I usually wear a Father Christmas related item every day. Perhaps a brooch, at hat, a jumper or on occasion an entire elf outfit.

Suddenly I want to fall over onto ice while wearing blades on my feet and drink hot wine. My brain tells me I’m addicted to mince pies despite them not entering my thoughts for even a millisecond over the previous 11 months. And the songs come flooding in and I hum them constantly. Weird isn’t it.

But my very favourite thing and the thing that makes this almost certainly the most wonderful time of the year are the markets. Why are Christmas markets so much better than markets at, say, Easter time or, erm, summer? Because it’s Christmas. That’s why.

I’ve been to Christmas markets all over the place so when it comes to deciding where the best ones are I feel more than qualified to judge. With my credentials well and truly demonstrated I can now exclusively reveal the winners of the Melissa Best Places For Christmas Markets Awards 2015. THIS IS BIG.


  1. London

Ok I am biased because it’s home but actually we are very good at these. My favourite is on the cobbles of Belgravia. A farmers market, loads of stalls, live music and a grotto photo booth inside a black cab!


  1. Zurich

As a country Switzerland feels pretty Christmassy all the time. Probably because I tend to go there to ski. But in December Zurich goes into festive overdrive. My favourite market is in the Niederdorf. It’s the oldest in the city and the most beautiful surroundings.


  1. Cologne
    Big statement this but I’d say for delicious food on Christmas stalls Germany can’t be beaten. The smells of baked apples, cinnamon biscuits and mulled wine fill the whole city especially near the cathedral where there’s a massive tree and a big stage.


  1. Paris
    When in Paris the Champs-Elysee never fails to feel like where it’s at. So naturally it plays host to my favourite Christmas market in the city (which is also the biggest btw). There are more than 150 wooden chalets lining this incredible illuminated avenue.


  1. New York
    Start spreading the news… Christmas markets in NYC are the best in America! The market day I spent there it rained so I went to the only indoor one at Grand Central Terminal in Vanderbilt Hall. I picked up some of the best presents I’ve ever given here.

There we go. Those five places can expect huge surges of tourists now that they have reached the pinnacle of the awards world with a spot in the top five of the Melissa Best Places For Christmas Markets Awards. Or MBPFCMA for short.

I’d love to hear where your favourite Christmas market is… tell me so I can check it out next year!

Melissa. x


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