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The trouble with Winter is…

I have a serious problem when winter arrives. The problem is shoes.

Some people, in fact most people (especially girls) love shoes. I don’t think this is just a girl thing though, I know plenty of boys with a serious shoe rack who cannot get enough of them. But girls dominate the shoe arena. In many girls’ minds the idea that one could ever have enough shoes and handbags is a ridiculous concept.

Handbags I agree with. If I had the money I would buy a new one every day! But shoes and indeed socks and tights are – to me – feet prisons. My feet want to be free. They want to be comfortable and enjoying the world outside like my hands and face get to.

But the cold winter comes along and so far as I’m aware, nobody has invented heated sandals. So I have a choice. Blue toes and funny looks or put the shoe prisons on.

Generally my resolve takes a beating by early December and on go the tights and shoes until spring.

My feet won’t survive the entire winter without some freedom though so it’s become a vitally important part of my winter to find some sun. Not for me you understand, it’s for my feet. I’m caring like that.

This winter I’m paying for my feet to go to Thailand. The weather and terrain is well suited to flip flops or even bare feet so they are just going to love it! The lucky little size 6 blighters.

They are going to be treated to a small tropical island near Phuket called The Racha. The headline for this place is as follows: “An eco-luxury beach resort fringed by the powdery sands of Batok Bay.” If that isn’t toe heaven I don’t know what is.

The Racha

And while they enjoy the freedom I will be learning Thai cookery, craft making and snorkelling by day with some cocktails and stargazing by night. The only thing my feet will have to worry about is transporting me from our private retreat (there are 85 dotted across 20 acres of lush grounds so it could be a medium-sized walk) to the restaurants, beach and spa.

The most interesting thing I learned about this place as I geeked up by the way was that many of the villas have their own infinity edge or plunge pools. Amazing but that’s not the interesting part. The bit that got my attention was that music is piped in to the pool. Extraordinary. I have no idea how one pipes music but I’m impressed.

Right I’ve got to go out now. It looks distinctly like shoe weather through the window. Time to lock up the feet. Sad face.

Where would you set your feet free this winter?

See you next week.

Melissa x

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  1. I just read through the entire article of yours and it was quite good. This is a great article thanks for sharing this informative information. I will visit your blog regularly for some latest post.

  2. I’m with you on this one… ‘shoe prisons’! I love it! I’m in Laos this winter and at the moment loving the balmy weather but I have heard that we will have very cold nights in December and January… I have only my flip flops with me so shall be opting for the blue foot look I fear!


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