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Out of Office

In my office yesterday we had a spectacularly 21st Century debate. The Out of Office debate.

If you’re like me then that moment that you click the out of office on and switch off the computer before walking (skipping) out the door is one of the best parts of going on holiday.

However… do we really mean it? Are we out of the office in body and in spirit? Or will we be having a glance at our work phones as they inevitably buzz and flash?

If you’re like me then the chances are your body is out, your mind is semi out but not entirely. I do like to keep a sneaky eye on emails despite Henry’s repeated attempts to hide my phone from me.

Other people in my office are quite forcefully entirely out of the office. They really mean it. The computer goes off, the work phone goes off, and if anyone from the office wants to talk to them they’re going to need to get on a plane or send a pigeon.

I do admire these people. It is probably the healthier way to go and the general consensus these days is that a digital detox is a vital part of modern life. Although, as an aside, I am never ever happy if there is no wifi. Perhaps that’s because I’m addicted to my phone and an addict would say that wouldn’t they!

Apparently there are some companies that have made it mandatory that their staff don’t look at emails while on holiday. And their out of office message will say something like: ‘I’m out of the office until July 17. Emails received between now and then will be deleted and not read so please get in touch with me when I’m back’.

How cool is that?! Alas I won’t be writing that when I press the button later today. Although I’ll still be skipping out the door on my way to staying in a tree house for the first time since I was 13. It’s been a while!


At Keemala in Phuket they have seven tree houses, and for a few days I will be in residence. It’s not quite like my last stay in the tree. There’s far more luxury, far less of a draft and I don’t need to use a rope to climb in thankfully!

And the trees are a bit more impressive in this rainforest where the incredible-looking tree houses look like they are suspended from the canopy. No offence dad, your trees are lovely too.

I’m told it’s so peaceful in the resort, and particularly in my elevated position, that it’s hard to believe you can be in the middle of the lively Patong beach in minutes. I don’t think I’ll go to the beach though. Not with yoga, spa treatments and meditation on offer!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on ‘out of office’. And tree house memories are more than welcome too!

Melissa. X

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