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Would you go on holiday on your own?

I tend not to go to the cinema unless I really want to see the film. This probably happens a handful of times each year and I must say I love it. There’s no doubt in my mind that the cinema is more special than watching something on television or indeed on a plane.

The big question for today though is…  is it ok to go on your own?

I am firmly in the yes camp. I think it’s ok to do almost everything alone. Apart from perhaps tennis and tango.  And a see-saw. But the cinema is, more than most things, a pastime well-suited to one-player enjoyment.

This issue arose in the Melissa and Henry household this week because he wanted to see a film and I didn’t. I told him to go anyway and he looked at me like I’d just suggested jumping out the window.

It’s not a crazy suggestion Henry, I said.

And then I told him I was considering going on holiday alone and if I could do that then he could manage two hours in the cinema without someone to steal his popcorn.

The holiday alone thing ended the cinema conversation and we moved on to the pros and cons of going away without friends, family or fiance. (He didn’t go to the cinema in the end by the way, and he’s still insistent that it was a ridiculous idea.)

But what did he make of the holiday for one? In short he was surprised that I would want to go away on my own. I had more success talking him around though than I did with the cinema. The conversation was simple.

“Henry, are you interested in architecture?”

“No I’m not.”

“Henry would you like to spend three days with a historian exploring old streets and buildings?”

“No that sounds awful.”

Step one achieved. He admitted that the holiday I planned to go on was not to his taste.

Next I persuaded him that there were things I don’t like that he does like.

And pretty soon he was nodding, smiling and helping me find a tour to join in eastern Europe probably because he realised he could get three days of golf in.

I actually ended up joining a group tour that very night and I’m really rather excited about it. There’s 10 of us, all travelling alone (mostly because our other halves aren’t interested in the topic) and the chances are at least one of them will become a good friend. Maybe two of them. Maybe all of them! Who knows.

What I do know is that if you’re interested in something you should never let the fact that nobody you know is interested, hold you back.

Henry isn’t going to go on a similar trip as he says he has enough friends and doesn’t want new ones. Plus apparently it’s weird for men in their 30s and above to make new friends. He does talk nonsense sometimes! Would you travel alone or do as I’m doing and join a group of people you don’t know who have similar interests? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Right I’m off to connect with my fellow tourers on facebook. It’s a wonderful world we live in isn’t it!

Melissa. x

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  1. I will try this.

  2. It’s great fun if you travel alone and make new friends on the way if not then it can be really boring!

  3. “What I do know is that if you’re interested in something you should never let the fact that nobody you know is interested, hold you back.” So it is by me!!

  4. Bravo to you. The only “vacation” I’ve taken myself was actually to Sofia this past January. The reason was not truly with a vacation in mind but instead to take care of my official document there. But when not trudging around government offices, I really was on vacation all by myself. No one to cook for, feed, launder, put to bed, schedule, and so on other than for myself. Perhaps one day I may do this intentionally with a trip such as yours. Inspiring.


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