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Adult only honeymoons…

My wedding is fast approaching. And essentially we are organised. Everything is kind of in place and the big ticket items like food, drink and a large white tent are taken care of. Along with spectacularly dull things like a generator and portaloos.

The only thing left to organise is a nanny. You see we want everyone to be able to come. I know at some weddings children are banned because the feeling is they won’t fully appreciate the lavender infused napkins or might speak when everyone is supposed to be quiet. But we don’t care if a child wants to enjoy themselves. We don’t mind if a baby cries in church. And we don’t mind if an impromptu game of British Bulldog breaks out during the speeches.

But in case the owners of said children want to pop the toddlers in a ball pen for a bit while they quaff a couple of much needed glasses of bubbles we’ve decided to get a pro in and have a fun place for children to chill. Almost like a hotel kids club I guess.

I’m not judging anyone who decides not to have children at their wedding by the way. I totally get it. And there are times in life, as a non-parent (yet), when I do choose to not be near children. Not because I don’t like them, just because I want total peace and quiet and I don’t want to ruin their fun. The last thing I would want to do is ruin a child’s day by asking them to stop seeing how big a splash they can make jumping in the pool.

My honeymoon will be one such time. The wedding will be rammed with children, at the honeymoon there won’t be any.

Lindos Blu 8

Because we are deliberately opting for an adults-only hotel. I think sometimes these hotels are misunderstood. It’s not about keeping the children out. It’s about letting parents know which hotels they will be able to relax at even if their children have had three lemonades and a basket of Skittles for breakfast. My friends who have kids of between about four and fourteen love adult only hotels for that very reason. It’s a very clear line in the sand that says: “you will not have fun here.”
Whereas those hotels that don’t make it entirely clear can be a little terrifying!

If you have children, SLH’s adult-only hotels are 100% not for you, unless you’re travelling without the little ones. Maybe when the kids have gone to university you could have a look. But if you’ve not got children or if you can hand them over to the grandparents for a couple of days and want total peace and quiet these are well worth a look!

If you’ve stayed at any of them let me know… I haven’t booked the honeymoon yet and any advice would be very welcome!

Melissa. x

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