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Golf for men, spa for women

It’s terrible to adhere to clichés and stereotypes isn’t it? Especially if in the past you’ve been mildly outraged when someone else is guilty of doing exactly the same thing.

Last week I was invited on a corporate day out you see. These invitations don’t come along very often so I tend to leap on them immediately when they do.

But this one annoyed me a tiny bit. It was a golf and spa day. Golf for men and spa for women said the paperless post email. Are these people really suggesting that women don’t like golf and men don’t like spas?!

This is an outrage I decided. Briefly. But then I saw how lovely the spa in question was and decided to button my mouth and sign up. I made a gentle passive aggressive joke in my reply about sexism. And to be fair to them they did say women are more than welcome to play golf and men more than welcome to go to the spa.

But of the 45 people going (26 women and 19 men) 26 had decided to go to the spa and 19 had decided to play golf. You can probably work out by yourself the gender makeup of the two groups!

My outrage had pretty much disappeared by then and I started thinking about Henry and I and our holidays. He is constantly trying to make sure there’s a golf course nearby. And I am constantly telling him golf is dull and that it’s far better to spend our time being massaged.

So it turns out we fall slap bang into the middle of the classic stereotypical couple category when it comes to golf and spas. I am slightly ashamed of myself for getting in a huff and changing my mind quite so quickly but I’ve chalked it down to a learning experience. You’re never too old to learn…

O&G Elite hotels

As a way of quietly apologising to the golf for men, spas for women world I booked Henry a round at Ashdown Park Hotel & Country Club in the English countryside of Sussex. And I’m booked in for a day of pampering in the spa. We’ll have dinner together but have amazing days separately. Everyone’s a winner.

See you next week

Melissa. x

Any thoughts?

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