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Suites For My Sweet

Most of the time if you ask me what type of room I like to stay in at a hotel I’m really not too fussy. Once I’m in the right hotel you can give me a diddy one with a pleasant view and a comfy bed and I’m just as happy.

But sometimes I want to feel like a rock star. Or a teenage .com genius perhaps. Don’t we all? I want to be able to stroll around my room and face the genuine possibility of taking a wrong turn and getting lost.

I want to have a butler to bring me things. Bring me things like breakfast on my terrace served with a flourish (maybe even one of those silver cloches). Or have him/her turn my Jacuzzi on for me because inevitably I won’t know how to do it. Then he could bring my Champagne to me while I’m in the Jacuzzi. And while we’re at it maybe I want to be able to choose between showering indoors OR outdoors.

Essentially, on occasions, we’re all divas. Perhaps on special occasions when we want to be spoilt rotten and feel like we’ve earned it. Or perhaps just because we’re in the kind of mood that demands opulent pampering.

Since I can’t afford to buy a yacht and I’m not interested in supercars the answer to my ultimate pampering urges is big hotels rooms with a four poster bed and enough room to swing a Mulberry.

Water Pool Villa at Baros Maldives

More expensive? Yes of course. This is a treat and treats cost a bit more. It wouldn’t be a treat if it wasn’t a little bit pricey. That’s half the fun of it.

Of course some treats are easier to get hold of than others. And SLH has made this treat a whole lot more accessible with The SLH Suite Deal. It is a sweet deal too. Suites but for 20% less than they usually cost.

So to all you men out there wanting to really impress your partner, or all you women out there who want to show your other half how much they mean to you (and have a seriously fun time yourself in the process) it is now as easy as ringing the bell for the butler.

I hate to hurry you but as the old adage goes all good things must come to an end. And this good thing ends at the end of October. So if I were you I would stop reading this immediately and check out some sweet suites.

So I’ll leave it you to it shall I?

Melissa. x

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  1. I, too, would love to have butler serve me at my trivial needs haha. It’s nice to splurge on a fancy hotel room and feel your best but it’s also great to just be in a simple hotel with a luxurious view.

  2. The image looks good. I like to visit here once. Can you provide me the exact location for this boutique hotel?


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