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Free this weekend? Get packing immediately!

I’m not a fan of doing things last minute. Perhaps it’s the planner in me, maybe it’s because I’m prone to panic, or it could be because I enjoy looking forward to things so much! In which case the further in advance I arrange something the more time I have to enjoy getting excited.

But there is something to be said for a last minute and unexpected splurge now and then. Because sometimes an urge strikes us and to fight it seems silly.

For example it’s Friday today as I write this. Henry just came home and asked what we are doing this weekend. I flipped open the diary and to my astonishment it was blank. For the first weekend in many many weekends we don’t have a wedding or a christening or a birthday party. In fact we have literally nothing planned.

After staring at each other for 30 seconds in a slightly dazed and confused state we both headed for our laptops. And 23 minutes later we had booked plane tickets to Nice in the south of France. A flight so short we’ll have about 10 minutes with the seatbelt sign not on! There are so many flights headed down there from the UK every day that it was easy peasy to get a couple of last minute seats.

We’re going after work and coming back late on Sunday. Now that is last minute. I’m very proud of us!

This doesn’t mean I’m condoning never booking in advance for holidays. If you want to make sure you get what you want and for the right price booking early is a total must. But in the same way that sometimes we just feel like pizza all of a sudden, we can be grabbed by the desire for a very quick break. Pizza does sound good too actually… I might eat one now.

Chateau Eza

Château Eza in Eze Village, France

But before I go find a pizza, I need to book a hotel to go with these flights (preferably one of these):

Hôtel la Pérouse just a short walk to Nice’s stunning Old Town.

or Château Eza, a fairy-like castle perched on the cliffs in the village of Eze.

Can I urge you wherever you are and whatever you are doing, to have a think about this weekend. If you’re busy, fair enough, you must of course go to your pre-arranged plans.

But if you’re not then have a quick look at hotels near you. You could be sat in one of them in a matter of hours having cocktails brought to you, or swimming somewhere or having a wonderful spa treatment. No washing up, no cooking, no household chores. Tempting isn’t it… go on, treat yourself!

Ok now it really is pizza-time. See you next week!

Melissa. x

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  1. This post is specially for the people like as am the person one does most of the things in last minute. Loved it.


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