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Wine – far more than a drink

It may have come to your attention if you’ve been following my blog for a while, that I quite like wine. Actually, scrap that, I love wine.

It is the best drink in the world. Especially if like me you’re constantly looking for reasons to get on a plane.

Is there another drink worth travelling for? Is there another drink worth dedicating weeks and months and years to learn about? Is there another drink that is created with such passion in so many beautiful places?

Shutter stock wine glasses pg60-61

Nope. No way.  A wine experience can be as simple as a sommelier recommending a yummy one to go with a meal. Or you can spend a week driving around France or California or South Africa or many more places treating your palette to the magic born of grapes.

The tasting is wonderful. The scenery is stunning. Talking to experts is fascinating. And the hotels you can stay in are sublime. Because wine gets around. You can end up at a laid-back farmhouse, elegant château, alongside lakes or the sea, in the centre of a bustling city… all in the name of a glass of white, red, pink or even fizz.

Plus a wine tasting is just about the only time when it’s ok to spit into a bucket. And let’s face it that is more fun than we tend to let on in adult company.

Naturally Henry is just as pleased about the idea of a wine-focused trip as I am. He wants to hire a couple of bikes and set off across the French countryside with nothing but a map of vineyards in our pocket. I’m leaning towards California and an open top car to do our vineyard hunting.

Here’s a glimpse at some of the many wine-based places to stay to whet your appetite. Although if you’re anything like me all it’ll take is the thought of a chilled glass of pale rosé on a terrace just yards from where the grapes were picked and you’ll be sold on the idea. I’d love to hear where your number one place to go to enjoy the local wine would be… let me know!

All this wine chat has made me thirsty. So I’m off to a bar to have a glass. See you next week.

Melissa. x

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