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Four weddings and another wedding

I probably shouldn’t say this because I am in the midst of planning my own wedding but I am suffering with a little wedding fatigue.

I never dreamt I’d write these words as I have always been an enormous fan of this most special of occasions but this weekend will be the fourth wedding weekend of five in a row.

Before I go on saying mean things I should caveat all of what I’m going to say with how much I appreciated being invited, how much I actually enjoy most of a wedding, and that I’d be sad if I wasn’t going to them.

That said I’ll get on to the problem. Which actually isn’t the wedding itself. It’s the before and after. Usually in England people have their weddings somewhere beautiful. An old country house or stately home for example. These all tend to be in the middle of nowhere which is why they are beautiful and not surrounded by roundabouts and fried chicken shops.

Of course once you get there it’s great. A beautiful, tearful service, everyone strolling around with Champagne in hand, bedecked in morning suits and hats, and, of course, two particularly happy people. I cry every time.

You have to get there though. Then you have to check in to the B&B you’re staying at which is always the worst one in the area (and not that close by) because inevitably I’ve not booked till the last minute. Then having squeezed into the dress of choice for the day I head to the wedding, have a little too much to drink, struggle to find a taxi and wake up with a headache. Then I drive home feeling under the weather.

By the time I get home it’s Sunday night and work is looming. A tiring cycle of long drives, uncomfortable beds and rubbish breakfasts that becomes particularly tiring if one has five in a row!

In order to make sure I enjoy weddings more next year I’ve decided to select the five friends I think are most likely to get married in 2016 and send them a list of SLH’s Country House Hotels.

Domaine Des Etangs Wedding

The list includes beautiful country house hotels all perfect for different sized wedding parties. They all have rooms and I’m going to insist they save me one of the rooms on site because the hotel was my suggestion. I’m a genius. Fingers crossed a couple of them decide to head overseas… that would really reinvigorate my love of weddings!

Well it’s Friday so I suppose I’d better find somewhere to stay tomorrow night for the wedding… wish me luck!

Melissa. x

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