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The best places to do almost nothing

Do you ever hope it’s going to rain so you can stay in bed all day? Or at least park your bum on the sofa for eight hours of avid box set viewing?

I do. Not very often I should say, but a few Saturday nights ago I did a little rain dance before bed in the hope that Sunday could truly be a day of nothing.

It was sunny though, my dance failed. My guilt-free day of doing nothing was taken from me.

Occasionally I like my holidays to be guilt-free activity vacuums too. I’ve never prayed for rain on holiday of course but I have deliberately sought out places to stay where doing anything other than a triangle from bed to sun lounger to restaurant to bed again would be madness.

Regular readers will know I adore city breaks and that I’m not afraid of a hectic schedule (take my longest day of the year plans last Sunday for example). But isn’t it nice sometimes when the most one can even hope to achieve is reading a pile of books, snoozing and paddling a little.

With doing very little in mind I’ve picked out three of the best places I can think of to give your body and mind a rest to beat all rests.


Bloomfield Lodge – Beautifully Remote in Cairns, Australia

On one side the longest unspoiled stretch of rainforest in the country, on the other the Great Barrier Reef. To get here you need a privately chartered plane, a four wheel drive through the outback and a river boat. This all sounds a bit exhausting so don’t worry your timber cabin is remote enough to laze by the pool to the call of kookaburras for days on end. And perhaps go snorkelling at a stretch!

Vahine Island

Vahine Island on Vahine Island Tahaa, French Polynesia

When it comes to doing very little indeed a remote Polynesian hideaway on a private island with just nine bungalows is ticking a lot of the relevant boxes. Double ticking them in fact. I’d probably go for an overwater bungalow so that I can pretty much fall out of bed into the blue lagoon. Although beachfront bungalows have their own hammocks… hmm. Tough decision.

Pangulasian Island Resort 7

Pangulasian Island Resort in El Nido, Philippines

Nothing says idle holiday like ‘canopy villa perched on stilts above the forest’. Why would you move if there’s a forest canopy to enjoy. Actually you might move around a little bit here. Perhaps to the 750-metre white powder beach, the infinity pool, the poolside grill or the library for a new book. Stressful or what…

I’d love to hear where would you go if you wanted a few days of doing very little indeed?

Melissa. x

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