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Sailing in a Skyscraper

Velassaru snorkelling

It’s rare that I go away and really don’t enjoy myself. But recently I was on holiday and reached a point where I couldn’t help but ponder the merits of dark empty rooms and drying paint.

It happened on the high seas. I had the wind in my hair, a cocktail in my hand and a view to the horizon in every direction. Oh how lovely, you’re thinking. But then I was asked to move because someone wanted to play shuffleboard.

I shuffled off deck nine and headed for the pool. The pool was full. So I wandered around a bit then went to my room and changed for supper. Then I changed for supper again when I checked the dress code and saw I wasn’t in the appropriate attire.

The next day we hit land, not literally, and I excitedly joined the queue to get off. By the time I reached the front of the queue, boarded a tender, got off at the shore and found the appropriate coach for my chosen activity the excitement had abated a little. And what was left of that excitement was trampled, set fire to and then trampled again when I was reminded to be back on board by 5pm.

Some people call this sailing. It isn’t. It is to sailing what driving a lorry along the motorway is to Nascar.

Sailing does not take place in the same place as shuffleboard, bingo, musical theatre renditions or dress codes. Or in the company of enough people to fill a medium-sized stadium. Sailing is a sport, a hobby, an adventure and a joy whereas what I was doing was floating around in a skyscraper eating and waiting to get off and on again.

I shouldn’t be mean about cruises really. I went with my Aunt and Uncle who love it, as do millions of other perfectly sane and pleasant people. But for me it’s like going to a famous ocean-side fresh fish restaurant and ordering a fish finger sandwich.

I want to be with a few friends, hoist a sail, feel the spray, anchor in random bays and dive off the side into an empty ocean.

Lucky for us, SLH has hundreds of hotels with private jetties, fully chartered yachts and sailing boats to fulfil all of your sailing needs.

Petit St Vincent 4

For my upcoming summer trip I’m going to take said aunt and uncle to the beautiful Caribbean island of St Vincent and The Grenadines where we’ll stay at Petit St. Vincent.

The plan is to charter their private yacht and head further afield to discover the nearby islands, bays and reefs.

Legend has it that the skipper has spent so much time on water he actually has to find his land legs!

Now that’s my idea of sailing! I’d love to hear yours…

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