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Heaven is a place in Thailand

For many years I haven’t really gone to the cinema in the summer. If it’s nice outside it feels ridiculous to lock yourself away in a dark room for a couple of hours. Which is a shame because I do love going to the cinema.

But, you’ll be relieved to hear, this summer I shall be going to the cinema and I shan’t be stuck indoors.
It’s actually not a new idea to have a cinema of sorts outside. Drive-in cinemas, for example, were popular especially in America decades ago.

But in London I’ve noticed the trend has really taken off and there are viewings all over the place. From big parks to small squares we’re loving the fresh air/movie combo and doing it in droves. Plus you can bring whatever snacks and drinks you fancy to most of them rather than being stuck with a bucket of popcorn or sweets and a fizzy soft drink.  Pimms anyone?

What could be better?

I’ll tell you what’s better actually. An open air pool cinema in Thailand at a beautiful boutique hotel framed by sea and mountains.

Cape Nidhra Hotel (2)

The geniuses at Cape Nidhra Hotel in Hua Hin have created this entertainment masterpiece.

I can already picture myself lolling on a lilo with a cocktail within easy reach in front of a classic film. This is officially heaven on earth for me.

And best of all when the film ends rather than packing up my picnic and lugging it home on the tube I can just roll off the lilo and into the pool for a swim. Or I can head to the beach, to the private pool that comes with every suite, or go for a massage at the spa perhaps… you get the idea.

Everything is better on holiday isn’t it!

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