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How to feel great in three days

I hate to show off but I must say that today I feel absolutely marvellous.

Relaxed, refreshed, replenished… and lots of other lovely words. And to thank for these feelings I have Lefay Resort & Spa Lago di Garda in Lake Garda, Italy.

It’s hard to believe I was only there for three nights really. I must admit I was a little nervous before arriving. These guys bill themselves as a wellness experience that enables guests to achieve physical and mental rejuvenation.

That sounds wonderful of course but what if it didn’t work on me? I racked my brains and was pretty sure I’d never felt physically and mentally rejuvenated in three days!

The good news is it did work.

On day one I sat with a doctor and we just chatted. Nothing too heavy, a few lifestyle questions, my mood day to day and how I felt. It’s such a relaxed setting I was comfortable answering honestly and suddenly 45 minutes had flown by.

And the Sherlockian doctor somehow knew what kind of person I am and also which treatments would benefit me. She even knew and recommended what kind of tea I should drink.

Over the next three days I had different massages and attended classes all specifically designed to best suit my body and mind. I spent time in an indoor salt lake, had hydro-aromatherapy, stretched my meridians (google meridians you are going to want to stretch them too), had a ‘massage of the centre’ and more. A massage of the centre by the way is actually a facial. But because, as the experts told me, our bodies are connected in extraordinary ways this facial also included my fingers and toes.

Lefay Resort & Spa

On top of this there’s a healthy menu alongside the normal menu, two pools that look out over one of the finest views I’ve ever seen and divine rooms designed for relaxing in.

The beauty of this place is that unlike some wellness retreats you don’t feel guilty for having an occasional coffee or a glass of wine. Their attitude is that wellness has to be achievable in real day to day life. Eat vegetables of course, do some exercise, but don’t remove everything you enjoy from life in an attempt to improve your body. It won’t work because your mind won’t be amused if the body is living off mung beans and lentils.

It’s so reassuring to hear doctors setting realistic and achievable goals. And it’s also reassuring to know that being well and being boring need not go hand in hand.

So, as I said, I am feeling unashamedly marvellous today. I’m telling you because in just a few days you could feel marvellous too.

Take a look at SLH’s selection of Spa Resorts and let me know where your favourite spa is…

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