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The best all-inclusives… according to my mother

All-inclusive used to be a dirty word in our house.

Why? Well my parents view was that as soon as the word/words all-inclusive are placed in front of a hotel it is immediately enormous, overcrowded and full of cheap knock off wine and spirits and dodgy buffets.

Strange then you might think that yesterday my mother called me up and asked me to suggest a lovely all-inclusive hotel for her and dad to go to.

“Erm, you hate all-inclusives mum,” said I.

She then accused me of being stuck in the past. “There are some wonderful ones now darling, stop living in the 90s.” Well I already knew that. I just didn’t know she did!

So that told me. And I told her that if she’s so keen on all-inclusive hotels she should tell me which ones are the best.

So she did. Enjoy these suggestions from my mum:

Blue Diamond Riviera Maya – Playa Del Carmen – Mexico

Blue Diamond Riveria Maya 10

Views of the rainforest, white beaches, floor-to-ceiling windows, private balconies or terraces, two golf courses… I shan’t go on. Seems there are a lot of reasons to go, on top of everything being included in the price.

Diamonds Dream of Africa – Malindi – Kenya

Diamonds Dream of Africa 4

If you go on safari you might want a few days to chill on the beach afterwards. This is where mum would go. It blends Indonesian and Arabic styles, suites have private terraces and Jacuzzis plus Thalassotherapy is available in the spa.

Villa Borobudur – Borobudur – Indonesia

If you thought all-inclusive meant lots of rooms… you were wrong. This one has 10. And they’re joglos made from teak by local craftsmen actually, not rooms. They’ve all got a private pool and valley views towards the Menorah Mountains, volcanoes and Borobudur temple.

Bentley’s House – Zurs Am Arlberg – Austria

Bentleys House Zürs am Arlberg, Austria
Ski all-inclusive may not be on your radar. Ski all-inclusive that includes a butler almost certainly isn’t. Add mountain views, ski slopes on the doorstep and a wine cellar for private tastings and you have yourself a pretty perfect walletless holiday.

Which all-inclusive hotel would you choose?

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  1. colin service #

    I returned from 2 weeks in Blue Diamond Riviera Maya – Playa Del Carmen – Mexico and I must say, it was my first experience of an all-inclusive but it was absolutely fantastic! The service and the a la carte dining was really top class. You often hear of the all-inclusive as one big buffet and free for all when it comes to food, but this was the total opposite. Relaxed, warm and friendly professional service, serving fine dining food. Highly recommend and would return…my only recommendation would be, if you can, book the suites…with the private plunge pool it makes it all worth it! Cannot wait to go back!

    • Thanks Colin – I’m thinking I really need to visit Blue Diamond Riviera Maya, I’m hearing great reviews. Have you got anymore SLH holidays booked?

      Melissa x


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