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My top 5 roof terraces

Some people enjoy patios. I can understand why. Open the balcony doors, stroll out and hey presto – you’re ready to get on with your no doubt lovely day. Or perhaps, depending on where you are, you can sit near to the sand and dash straight into the sea a la Baywatch at a moment’s notice.

I’m not a patio person. I’m a roof person. The higher the better – to a point of course. Being on top of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is not my idea of fun. It’s so high the clouds get in the way of the view.

Even if the roof terrace I’m on is a little scruffy it’s the inevitable view that really makes coffee, Prosecco, lunch or simply just sitting seem that little bit more special.

The beauty of being elevated is that it actually doesn’t matter where you are. In the middle of a city or on top of a mountain.

In honour of roof terraces I’ve picked out 5 of my SLH favourites. I’d love to hear yours.

1. Downtown, Mexico City, Mexico


This colonial 17th Century former palace is in the historic centre of one of the most bustling cities on the planet. Where better to watch it than from the rooftop terrace with a pool and Jacuzzi?

2. Grand Hotel Parker’s, Naples, Italy

Grand Hotel Parkers

Italians love a long lunch, I love a long lunch, who doesn’t love a long lunch. But I love it even more when I can look over the rooftops of Naples while I eat it… and drink lots of local wine of course.

3. Hotel Shangri-la, Santa Monica, California, USA

Hotel Shangri-La

For me a stay in California demands some Art Deco décor. This hotel delivers. It also delivers a rooftop pool with a spa lounge attached. Isn’t that the most perfect sentence you’ve ever read?

4. La Sultana Marrakech, Marrakech, Morocco

La Sultana Marrakech 2

If there is a more hectic place on this planet than old Marrakech I haven’t found it yet. So after a souk session this palace’s calm rooftop terrace with views of Koutoubia Mosque and the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the distance is heaven.

5. Refinery Hotel New York, New York, USA

Refinery Hotel New York, New York

No list of rooftops should ever be without New York. And the best in town at the moment is this neo-Gothic property in the Garment District. Head to the rooftop to enjoy a cocktail overlooking the Empire State Building.

These are just a few of my favourites, SLH have plenty more rooftop retreats on offer. Which one would you choose?

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  1. 5 was really the best. Thank you nice sharing.


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