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A library on the beach

There’s a big debate going on locally at the moment – do we need a library?

Apparently the number of people using them is down; a lot of the books are gathering dust and the anti-library brigade argue the space could be better used for something else.

The pro-library people think this attitude is ridiculous and that there is no better use of space than a library. There’s no middle ground really. Well there is but that middle ground is populated by people like me who don’t really mind either way.

I’m on the fence a little. I feel like I want to support the library and make sure it’s saved but at the same time I haven’t set foot in it or indeed any library for many many years.

I think it’s the ambiance. It’s dark, dusty and quiet. Three things I don’t really like.

I want the exact opposite from my library so I’m going to suggest my local library learns a lesson from Thalatta Seaside Hotel on Evia, the second largest of the Greek islands.

Thalatta Seaside Hotel Library

Thalatta Seaside Hotel has recently opened a library you see. So they clearly think there’s a demand. And they’re right. Because their library is a beach library. Two words I was never expecting to see in a sentence together!

It’s apparently the first beach library ever and although the idea had never occurred to me before I am amazed this isn’t already a thing.

My friends tell me constantly that the main reasons they go on beach holidays are to get a tan and read 78 books. And their main complaint about holidays… not enough baggage allowance.

Boom. All problems solved. At this beach library there are lots of books to choose from and guests are encouraged to leave behind any books they happen to bring with them but have finished. In no time it’s going to be a treasure trove of seaside page turners. And you don’t have to lug any books back and forth on planes. So more room for shoes and tacky gifts.

At the end of each season the hotel collects all the books and donates them to a local school. I assume there’s an element of a selection process before the books are handed over… 16 copies of 50 Shades of Grey probably won’t make the journey to the kid’s hands.

So my local library should do the same. Granted there’s no beach in London but if they made it a relaxing place to be then people would visit in their droves. Put some beach loungers in, play the sound of breaking waves, and serve cocktails. That’s a library we’d all want to save.

P.S. Great news this hotel opens for summer in 1 week!

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