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Celebrities aren’t my A-listers when I’m booking a holiday

It’s quite possible that I’m alone in thinking this but… I don’t really care where celebrities go on holiday. Do you?

It’s not that I’m not interested in hearing where George Clooney spent his honeymoon or where Bruce Willis owns a holiday home. It makes for an interesting and light-hearted read. I just wouldn’t ever think about choosing a holiday based on where someone famous has visited.

They would probably be near the bottom of the list of people I would turn to for holiday advice actually.

Number one, two and three would always be an expert. For acting tips speak to actors, for singing tips speak to singers and for travel tips… well you get the idea.

There are of course fewer experts with the, erm, expertise than one might like. Plenty claiming to be travel geniuses but very few with the knowledge, charisma and empathy to work out what you want, be charming, and have enough hotels in their head to find the right one for you.

I like to hear what my friends and family think of course. And I like to read reviews from like-minded folk. But they, like me, are holidaymakers. They are subjective and therefore can be swayed by a variety of factors that aren’t relevant to me.

For example: The people or person they travel with. If your group gets on incredibly well then fun levels are going to be high. The rose-tinted spectacles go on and the chances are your friend will rave about a hotel because they had such fun. As amateurs we are unable to separate fun from fact. A better hotel but with terrible company will most likely get a bad review. It doesn’t matter how beautiful the view from the terrace is, or how wonderful the staff are if the person sitting opposite is in a foul mood and ignoring you.

That’s why I will talk about travel with anyone and everyone, but when it comes to crunch time and I’m thinking about booking I call someone whose livelihood depends on me being happy when I go away and even happier when I get back.

Friends of mine who have followed my advice and found a travel agent they can trust say they will never go back. And of course if they are among the best agents they’ll probably be a partner of SLH. Which means you can rely on their expertise and SLH’s prowess in everything small and hotel related.

That, to me, sounds infinitely more appealing than following Kim and Kayne around the globe.

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  1. I agree! I’m not sure why hotels and even some hotel companies make an issue out of whom has stayed in which room/suite/villa. And really, at the end of the day, who cares? I certainly don’t pick hotels or holidays based on where a celebrity has been — rather I book a hotel or holiday solely based on where I want to stay or travel.


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