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Taking over the world

A friend and I who both travel a lot have been battling for world domination for several years. It’s less Dr Evil than it sounds.

A big map sits at her house and we have two bowls of pins. I’m red, she is blue.

At the moment I’d say she’s slightly ahead. I don’t know for sure because I seem to be incapable of counting pins in maps.

But I think she’s cheating. Originally it was one pin per country but the rules have become a little confused of late.

Her argument is that each US state should qualify as a country in pin terms because they are so different. She also thinks The Canary Islands which are technically part of Spain should have their own pin as they are so far away from Spain. Then Easter Island got its own pin. And now the Galapagos.

So I said that New Zealand ought to have two pins then as it’s two islands. She disagreed. I’m not sure how exactly the logic works but I seem to be losing out.

Naturally she has an answer for that and says the 12 pins I have in different Caribbean islands should in fact be one pin. So I should count myself lucky to have them. I gave up in the end.

She clearly wants this world domination more than I do. Plus the map lives at her house so she can add and remove pins without me ever realising.

I suppose I could have the map at my house but it’s quite ugly and nobody likes a show off.

The reason the map sprung to mind this morning as I sat down to write this post is that I think, and I can’t be sure because as I said I struggle counting pins, that my next country will bring me up to 80.

Which means that I will draw neck and neck with SLH. I thought about trying to compete on the hotel front but 520 hotels seems a little too many for me to cram in.

I am as well travelled as SLH. Thanks very much.

I am at least 10 years older though so one could argue it’s an unfair contest. But since I’m losing to my friend and I really don’t like losing I’ve designated this 80th country (Sri Lanka btw) as my victory tour.

Serene Pavillions

Serene Pavilions in Wadduwa, Sri Lanka

So… your move SLH. Where are you going next?

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  1. I must stay your SLH hotels in Sri Lanka are absolutely amazing!

  2. I love your competition! My boyfriend and I do a similar thing but we use our TripAdvisor accounts, which breaks it down by percentage of the world visited!


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