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Top 4 SLH hotels for your Easter Getaway

I love surprises. So in a way it’s actually good news that the least surprising and predictable things can surprise me. Like Easter for example.

It comes along every year at roughly the same time. And every year we all get very very happy because no matter how many deadlines we have, whatever our boss thinks about it and how stressed we might be on Tuesday, we all get Friday and Monday off to party. Or in my case walk dogs and eat in country pubs.

Two days off shouldn’t be this exciting. I have a holiday allowance of 25 days (sorry America I know you get far fewer) and yet it is the free ones, the bank holidays and special occasion days off that really get me overexcited.

Excited and, as I mentioned earlier, surprised. Because irrespective of this being my thirty seventh Easter, when someone in the office asked me what I was going to do with the long weekend I stared open mouthed for 10 seconds before doing a little dance.

“Oh me oh my Easter weekend!” I exclaimed, before carrying on with my dance.

After I calmed down I decided I’m not going to walk the dogs and go to country pubs though. I’m going to go away…

The big question is shall I go for a city break, head to a private island, hit the beach or lounge in a country house?

1. The City BreakABaC  Restaurant & Hotel, Barcelona 


Yes Barcelona is an obvious choice, yes millions of people go there every year, and yes a lot of you will have been there already. But there’s a reason it’s so popular and that’s because it’s one of the coolest cities in Europe. And it’s by the sea of course. What you probably haven’t done is stayed in a little hotel like this. The 100-year-old listed building that was once the home of photographer Doña Madronita Andreu is ridiculously close to the centre of the city and has just 15 rooms. And they have personal shoppers, private trips in a Lamborghini or Ferrari and a double Michelin-starred restaurant.

2. The Beach BreakHotel Belvedere, Mykonos Town, Mykonos

Hotel Belvedere 8


If I’m going to an island then if I’m completely honest with you most of the time I’m hoping it’s a Greek one. And if I’m going to a Greek island I’m hoping it’s Mykonos. And if I’m going to Mykonos I’m hoping I’ll be staying at Hotel Belvedere. And not just because it has a cool name.

It has the best views of Mykonos Town and the Aegean Sea from balconies and terraces, the pool is about as well placed as any pool in the world. There are two exceptional restaurants, one with incredible Greek dishes and the other divine Japanese I can’t wait to try!

3. The Private IslandKandolhu Island, Maldives

Kandolhu Island 3

If you’re going to go down the private island route it makes sense to do it somewhere where there’s loads of them to go round. Since The Maldives is made up of nothing but islands that’s where I’d go. There’s nothing like arriving by seaplane to make you feel blissfully remote.

Granted since it’ll only be Henry and I travelling I may bump into one or two other people as there are 30 rooms but there’s enough sand to have your own patch of beach during the day or night so it can truly feel like a castaway experience (except for all the 5 star amazing facilities of course). It’ll be an overwater villa for me I think, with a Jacuzzi, natch, and with my free snorkelling gear and 4 restaurants to choose from I’ll have a very happy Easter indeed.

4. The Country HouseBella Luce Hotel, Restaurant and Spa, Guernsey

Coast Media: CM0628 Ian Walker. Bella Luce Hotel, St Martins.

When a hotel has ‘spa’ in the title I’m always happy. If the word has made it into the title it means they take their spa seriously. And I love a serious spa.

Guernsey for a Londoner provides all the excitement of a holiday but with such a short flight there’s barely time to undo your seatbelt. This 12th century country house is older than Christopher Columbus and Henry VIII put together, has an award-winning garden, roaring fires, and a big selection of rare vintage whiskies. And the food is top top notch. Could a country house break be any more perfect? I think not.

Which one would you pick?


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  1. Barcelona… The best place I had ever visited and most important is ABaC Restaurant & Hotel. Everything is simple awesome like services, staff, atmosphere, location, services and so on. I just loved to stay there.


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