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I love packing and I’m proud of it

I’m going away for work for a few days tomorrow so tonight I will be packing.

A contentious statement? I didn’t think so.

For as long as I can remember I have always left the night before I go away free so as to enjoy an evening of packing. And for all that time I’ve never considered it weird.

Until today I had never even considered considering if it is weird. But after drawing riotous laughter this morning when I used packing as a reason not to go to the pub after work I’ve had to start considering it.

These two guys in my office told me that packing is not an evening activity. It is a short sharp piece of personal admin that takes approximately 5 minutes.

Take out suitcase, put things in suitcase, close suitcase. Done.


What about writing out the various things you might be doing and then deciding what you might like to wear for each occasion? What about taking out all of your clothes and shoes, laying them on the bed and matching things up? What about rummaging around drawer after drawer looking for adapter plugs? And getting toiletries needed for the plane into a see through bag for security? And making sure your laptop or iPad is fully charged (they’ll take it off you at security in some countries if they can’t turn it on).

Surely you’ve got to leave plenty of time to phone other people going with you and discuss what they are packing? Then of course there’s the weight limits to think about. Which often means big decisions about shoes need to be made. There’s lots more I could add to this list but I believe the case for the defence has been made rather successfully. How this can this process possibly be reduced down to anything shorter than 3 hours?

They just laughed again when I explained. But I decided I’m very happy to be laughed at.

I’m not going to go to the pub despite their teasing. Instead tonight I’ll be packing. Slowly. And every second I spend doing that will be a pleasure. Because the only thing that gets close to the fun of going on a trip is looking forward to going on a trip.

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  1. hello manisa…. very well written post

  2. Hello Mellisa, I enjoyed reading this… Thanks!

  3. Vanetta #

    If you’re weird, I’ll be weird right there with you. I love love love packing and not just to travel but also when moving house. The anticipation, the sense of a new adventure or even a new phase in life. Just tossing stuff into a suitcase is a sure fire way to say more than once on your trip “ugh, I should have brought…”. Lastly, I like to have a glass of wine handy…my own little packing partay 😉

    Have a great trip!


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