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Don’t wait till Valentine’s Day to be romantic

I am always up for celebrating occasions. However small or insignificant it might seem I will put on a party dress and grab the excuse to do something special. Especially if that special thing involves a few days away in a lovely little hotel.

But there is one occasion I just cannot get on board with. Valentine’s Day.

I hate to sound like an old grump but having a designated day on which we are all forced to do something romantic makes me feel a little bit unwell.

In the past I have tried to embrace it and Henry, bless him, has in the past pulled out all the stops to put on a typically romantic evening. The trouble is the whole of London is full of couples dutifully having meals out alongside one another. While single people gather like pariahs at each other’s houses and drink too much wine while telling each other how much more fun it is to be fancy free. Until too much wine is consumed and someone starts crying. I know this happens because for several years I was the one crying and declaring that nobody will ever love me. I almost bought a cat one Valentine’s Day such was my despair.

While I wouldn’t ever say it’s better to be in a relationship than be single I can say that I prefer being in one. But I don’t want to make people who aren’t in a relationship feel like they are missing out or that their life is lacking in some way. And taking part in Valentine’s Day makes me feel like I’m doing that. So we aren’t doing anything at all this year. We’re actually not even going to spend the day together. We are going to go out with friends instead and have a strict no cards, no flowers, no staring into each other’s eyes policy.

Every day except February 14th will now be a pseudo Valentine’s and we will be trying to do something nice for each other on a daily basis.

And of course we will be going on an Anti-Valentine’s mini break somewhere. It’ll be very romantic but when we want to be, not when the card shops tell us to!

Any ideas about where we should go would be very welcome. Write your suggestions in the comments below and I’ll let you know which one we choose in a few weeks time!

SLH have lots of hotels just for adults! The perfect place for anyone’s Anti-Valentine’s mini-break…

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