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The Best Hotel in the World is…

Many of my friends tell me about a hotel they once stayed in that really blew their mind.

A hotel that stands head and shoulders above the rest and is, they insist, the best hotel ever.

But the hotel they think is the finest that has ever been can’t possibly be the best hotel ever. Because each of my friends tells me somewhere different deserves this accolade.

Granted they are all very pleasant indeed and when I look at them online I am able to confirm that my friends have excellent taste.

However it is, in a way, a little sad that they think one hotel is the best. Because it suggests they don’t know enough hotels. There are, I can confirm, LOADS of amazing ones. I know this because I spend as much time looking at them as train spotters spend hanging around at railway stations. It’s a bit of an obsession.

If I ask someone which hotel is the best their answer should be: “I have absolutely no idea Melissa there are far too many incredible places to stay for me to be able to choose just one.”

That’s the right answer. After all I am a massive hotel geek and I can’t tell you. I am forever unearthing new ones that look so amazing I want to weep a little when I realise I may never get to visit.

And no matter how much of a geek you are new ones will appear. I can’t do what bird-spotters do and learn all the birds and then try to find them all. The thing about birds is that new ones don’t just appear. Evolution doesn’t work that way and therefore any new species that may emerge are not going to turn up any time soon.

New hotels however pop up all the time and in the time it takes me to tick one off I know several more will have opened. And of course, unlike birds, hotels do occasionally get a revamp and then look entirely different so warrant another visit.

As if to prove my point for me a load of new hotels have joined Small Luxury Hotels of the World recently. And I had only heard of two of them. As I scrolled through them I had mixed emotions. Half of me was chastising myself for not knowing about them before now. And the other half was getting excited about new potential places to stay.

Below I’ve listed a few that have made me excited about travelling in 2015. And made me worry that even if I live till 100 I’m just not going to have enough time so see them all!

Campo Bahia Resort

Campo Bahia Resort in Santo Andre, Brazil

Hotel Maison Souquet

Hotel Maison Souquet in Paris, France

Hotel Regency

Hotel Regency in Florence, Italy


Hunas Falls by Amaya, Sri Lanka

Hunas Falls by Amaya in Kandy, Sri Lanka


Lijiangs Patio

Lijiang’s Patio in Lijiang, China


Londa Beach Hotel

Londa Beach Hotel in Limassol, Cyprus


Movich Casa del Alferez

Movich Casa del Alferez in Cali, Columbia


Hotel Sant Fransesc

Sant Francesc Hotel Singular in Palma, Mallorca


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  2. Bello, bello,bellissimo!! 😀


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