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Win the perfect proposal…

As you can hardly have failed to notice, if you read this blog regularly, I was recently proposed to by Henry.

It was the perfect moment and I shall remember it forever.

I’ve told the story so many times that I suspect every member of my family, all my friends and quite a few people who don’t know me particularly well will remember it forever too.

But they don’t know what that moment looked like. They don’t know the expressions my face took on when Henry asked or how he looked when I said yes. And oddly enough even I’ll never know what my reaction looked like and Henry will never know his.

Because, annoyingly, this competition I’m about to tell you about didn’t exist yet. If I’d known it was coming I might have told Henry to hold his horses for a few months.

Alas it’s too late for me. But not for you chaps.

And I do mean chaps. Because this competition isn’t going to work for women unless it’s February 29. Which it isn’t for a while.

Twitter Promo

SLH has teamed up with Flytographer, a company full of very cunning and stealthy photographers across the globe who are able to take photos of you without you knowing.

They can also take very lovely pictures without being sneaky of course. If you a) are terrible at taking photos, b) hate selfies or c) don’t like carrying a camera around on holiday these local photographers take the holiday snaps for you. Much better than you could ever do too. And much much better than the waiter you’ll probably ask to take one of you.

But for the sake of this prize the idea is that you (chaps) propose and the photographer hides and captures the moment for you. Unless she says no of course in which case I assume the photographer will run away. But she won’t say no because she loves you. And she’ll love you even more when she sees a beautiful professional shot of one of the most important moments of her life.

On top of the secret Flytographer you’ll also win two nights at an SLH hotel. So that’s quite nice.
And I’d imagine if you decide it’s not the right time to propose you could ask the photographer to capture the moment you push your girlfriend in the pool instead? Although, I should warn you, she’s unlikely to pop that photo on the mantelpiece or say thank you when you present it to her.

To enter is easy peasy. In two sentences tell SLH your idea of the perfect proposal…

But before I go a few proposal pointers from me.

  1. Don’t make it too perfect – if it’s too staged the surprise can be ruined.
  2. Don’t make it too casual – we want it to feel like you’ve made an effort
  3. Make sure the backdrop is beautiful or romantic – this story is going to get told a lot and the best stories have a great setting.
  4. Don’t do it in front of a huge audience – especially not in a sports arena on the big screen. That’s not fun.
  5. Always on one knee. That’s a tradition that should stay around forever hopefully.
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  1. Congratulations on getting engaged! An undercover photographer for a proposal is something that I have not heard of before but something I would definitely consider! Have you started planning the wedding yet?


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