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Too Darn Hot

I don’t think I’ve ever told you about the second great love in my life. Or third I suppose if you count Henry. Travel being number one, naturally.

My number one way to spend an evening in London is to head to the West End to watch a musical.
If you haven’t experienced this thrill I suggest you stick it on your bucket list immediately.

The venues are extraordinary and the shows – all of them – are the pinnacle of entertainment as far as I‘m concerned.

For my ninth birthday party we saw Starlight Express, for my 13th birthday it was Joseph and for my 17th it was Phantom of the Opera.

The roller-skating trains had me desperate to paint myself electric blue and travel around on wheels at all times. After Joseph I demanded a multi-coloured coat and Phantom had me in tears almost from start to finish. Although I didn’t feel the need to wear a white mask to hide my face thankfully.

That would have been a difficult look to pull off.

I’m often asked what my top 5 list of musicals is.

Ok, I’m not asked; I create the conversation and volunteer mine. But inevitably my top 5 becomes a top 20 as it’s impossible to choose. What is clear though is that I owe Andrew Lloyd Webber a gift or 7. Because his musicals populate most of those tops spots and the songs from them are on repeat on my iPod most of the time.

Taking all of what I’ve just said into account try to imagine how excited I was when I found out that there is a show called TOO DARN HOT at Tylney Hall Hotel, where I can watch the best songs from his best musicals performed live by West End singers and musicians.

There isn’t a word. The closest I suppose is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. That almost conveys how I felt when this news came to my attention.

Tylney Hall 4

Tylney Hall in Hook, UK

So I’m going to go to Tylney Hall in Hampshire. If possible I’m going to sit in the front row. And then rather than emerge onto a cold wet London pavement and fight the crowds of the West End to get into a packed sweaty tube (as is the usual routine post show) I’m going to dance upstairs to bed. I’ll probably sing too so apologies in advance to other guests in residence that night!

After I’ve had my three course supper, Winter Pimms and wine in the Oak Room of course…

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  1. Sounds brilliant. I saw Starlight Express when I was about the same age as you and it had much the same impression 🙂

  2. This is an amazing place. Used to be the Royal Engineer’s Officer’s Mess and I have stayed there many times in its old life. Also celebrated many friends’ weddings there


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