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When a hen goes on holiday

My best friend emailed me today to ask me what I want to do for my hen do.

I must say in all the excitement about my wedding I hadn’t really thought about the hen do. It’s one of those occasions that seemed very exciting when I was in my 20s but as a 30-something the idea is a little less appealing.

Dressing up in costumes, drinking too much and doing silly things is no longer my cup of tea… well, not for several days in a row!

I was making this point to a work friend who opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibility. Why not do something I actually want to do? There’s no need to conform to what a hen do ‘should’ be.

So I am. I’m turning my hen do into a holiday with my best female friends and family.

Once I had decided to do this it took me about 10 seconds to remember that SLH has launched Private Residences.

The beauty of this idea for me is that as a gang we can take over a small hotel, get treated like queens and not disturb anyone else when things inevitably get a little raucous. No other guests have their holiday ruined and I don’t have to feel guilty about subjecting strangers to whatever my imaginative friends come up with to embarrass me.

It’s like having a villa but with the service levels and facilities of an amazing luxury hotel… what could be better?

The only question left is… home or abroad? Do I keep it in the UK or really go for it and head to a far flung sunny destination? My shortlist is down to two… let me know which you would go for. I must say I’m rather torn!


Oak baths (2)

Foxhill Manor in Cotswolds, United Kingdom

Foxhill Manor is a stunning Cotswold Manor set within the 400 acre Farncombe Estate and the little sister to SLH’s Dormy House Hotel. From London it’s a couple of hours in the car and there are eight bedrooms and suites so plenty of room for everyone I want to come.

I also love the gardens and terraces there and rather unexpectedly there is also a cinema! Great for a Sunday afternoon watching chick flicks with my friends.


Private Residences Pangkor Laut

Pangkor Laut Estates in Pangkor, Malaysia

Pangkor Laut Estates is part of Pangkor Laut Resort in Malaysia.

Here there are eight private sanctuaries and each estate is designed to be completely self-contained. Perfect. Thrown in for the price is a pair of butlers (two butlers, what a luxury) and a chef.

Of course there are bedrooms but also a dining pavilion, a garden, a terrace, and of course a beautiful pool. I can just see us all sat enjoying supper overlooking the Straits of Malacca with a warm breeze blowing across us.

What do you think? Answers on a postcard, please.

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  1. This is really a wonderful residence. I hope one can expect a different and beautiful experience here. Can’t find another place better than this to spend time with family and friends.


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