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Getting hot and sweaty at the airport

Flight delays are annoying.

I think I can safely say that on behalf of everyone that has ever flown.

But imagine a world where a flight delay made you smile. A little too fairy tale a concept for you?  Well it’s time to start believing in happy ever afters because it’s real. This world does exist and its name is Finland.

There I was, waiting impatiently in Helsinki airport tutting and cursing when, like an angel descending from heaven, a lady came over to me and told me of a magical place. A place with a sauna. Just a few yards from where I was sitting sipping overpriced tea, there were soft white towels and a hot room made of wood.

This wondrous steamy cave only opened in the last couple of weeks and I’d quite like to send flowers to whoever it is at Finnair that decided to build it.


As I sat in that toasty enveloping mist, glorious sweat glistening all over my tingling body I could barely remember what it felt like to be annoyed, bored or in a rush.

Eventually of course I had to get out. But a glimpse at the board told me I still had a little time to kill. Another sauna? No no. Ohhhhh no. Because another angel appeared and sent me off to ‘yoga gate’.

Yoga. Gate. Not gate 7, gate 17 or gate 94f, the kind of gates where people go to sit and wait in a grey room with not enough chairs. Yoga gate. A gate where one doesn’t get on a plane, one lays on a mat and does yoga.

Helsinki Airport Yoga

If you’ve read previous posts you’ll know I am rather keen on this particular pastime so this revelation on top of the already mind-blowing sauna revelation almost brought a happy tear to my eye.

Helsinki Airport you clever, clever airport.

Despite a three hour delay and getting there early in the first place I almost missed my flight. And almost wouldn’t have cared if I had.

I’ve always considered airports to be unpleasant places. Not quite the dentist but a far cry from cucumber sandwiches in a meadow.

But that’s changed now. Granted most of them are still a little on the purgatory side but now I have hope. Helsinki has found a way to make an airport a happy place.

And if we all shout loud enough then every airport will have to give us saunas and yoga and the world will be a happier place. If airports can be fun, there’s hope for everywhere else we deem annoying. Except perhaps the dentist.


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  1. And I thought one would get hot and sweaty at airports from having to run to the gate!

  2. Paola Mattana Lamperti #

    Dear Malissa,
    this blog post suggested me that it is ‘highly’ time for you to get back to Maldives and experience some “waiting lounges” in the seaplane operatio airport.. 😉


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